Star Wars Ultimate Commander Mod Reveals Latest Progress

The modders behind Star Wars Ultimate Commander have taken to the mod’s main page to reveal recent progress. The mod is a long ways off from completion, but if you happen to be displeased with Star Wars Battlefront 2 by EA and DICE, this mod might be something worth keeping an eye on.

Not too long ago, modders CdtFox, Allumette, CT-108, and Ractor2A, committed themselves to make a mod that will eventually turn the canceled Star Wars Battlefront 3 into a real game, while adding in a few new things, too.

Recent work on the mod includes improvement to the Imperial Civil War Era and the Clone Wars. Moreover, a major update has tweaked the GCW-inspired era that was supposed to work like EA & DICE’s recent Battlefront games in term of units, classes and weapons.

In addition to the above, the modders notice how bored they were with this system, because of how non-open the game played out. According to the devs, though, they will still use a similar weapon system to EA and DICE versions, while using stuff from the Expanded Universe like The Force Unleashed game(s) and Star Wars Galaxy.

The above information in summation means that Star Wars Ultimate Commander, later down the line, will implement new units, new ships, new unique factions and powers.

Below is a test video showing off special effects and a Tie Bomber flying around an early build of Bespin:

The update post also covers new character models. We can see a new Stormtrooper Legion and Rebel Militia design captured in-game:

Lastly, the overall mod will feature the following content:

  • Three new eras: The Clone Wars, Imperial Civil War, and The Old Republic
  • 150+ new playable units
  • Greatly improved AI
  • New difficulty
  • Custom visual and sound effects
  • Support for shipped game modes such as “Conquest” and “Capture the flag”
  • Five new game modes
  • Support for every SWBF I (2004) maps
  • Improved HUD
  • New Shell

You can learn more about the Star Wars Ultimate Commander mod for PC by hitting up


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