Steam And GOG Kick-Off Autumn And Black Friday Discounts On PC Games

Many gamers are looking for good discounts whether it be through scanning or pouncing on deals. However, some folks are looking to hunker down and play some new and old titles but don’t know where to go. The good news is that wandering gamers might be able to take advantage of Steam’s Autumn 2017 Sale, and GOG’s Black Friday discounts.

Not too long ago, both Steam and GOG opened the flood gates so that gamers could drown in discounts and sales on new and old titles. Some may think that these discounts aren’t all that great, while others may have a contrary opinion.

The thing is, if you have some spare time on your hands you might be able to find a few games or two worth plucking from the sales haystack that are being offered via Steam’s Autumn 2017 Sale and GOG’s Black Friday discounts, which are both for PC.


First up, Valve has just launched its annual Steam Autumn sale. This means that you can peruse through the sale, which will run until November 28th. Gamers will be able to find different games on sale for PC that changes on Steam’s front page daily. You can find discounted games by visiting the “Specials” search section over on


That’s right, the platform that promotes non-DRM titles has a sale going on that spans over quite a lot of games. Of course not every game will be for everyone visiting the site, which calls for thorough checking on discounted titles.

As of right now, everyday on GOG sees its Black Friday discounts reaching as high as 80% off of titles and drops down from there. You can browse all discounted games on GOG by heading to the bottom section that reads “Popular •  New  •  Upcoming  • On Sale” and clicking on the “On Sale” tab or by clicking on “Store∨” and then going to “On Sale Now“. You can find more discounted games over on GOG by hitting up

Before signing out, it’s best to check both Steam and GOG frequently depending on where you live, because new games and discounts may appear quicker in certain regions allowing you to snag something for a low price.


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