Street Fighter 5 Halloween Mod Turns Chun-Li Into A Sexy Angel
Street Fighter 5 Halloween Mod

Halloween may have come and gone but the spirit of sexy Halloween costumes never leaves. That appears to be BrutalAce’s motto as the progenitor of impossibly placed clothing for Street Fighter V’s pugilists. The auteur of accentuating the assets of Capcom’s femme fatales has offered up gamers a free Halloween themed mod for Chun-Li that turns the Chinese cop into a sexy angel with a barely-there costume.

The outfit is available in a 189MB zip that you can grab on the download page.

Street Fighter V Screenshot 2017.10.24 -

According to BrutalAce it was all about doing something fun and airy for the thick-thighed upholder of the law.

He explains that this outfit originally was made for Kasumi from Dead or Alive 5 but he recreated it for Chun-Li from Street Fighter V

“[…] It’s Kasumi’s Halloween outfit and I think it looks pretty nice on Chunli.” […]


“I did several improvements and changes to the outfit like changing her fur to a higher quality one and changing her collar into a neck ring/choker so it matches with the fur parts of the outfit. I also made her wings bigger so they look really cool in motion. I hope you like and enjoy this mod.”

Street Fighter V Screenshot 2017.10.24 -

As you can see the outfit features four different hairstyles, eight different color variants, high-quality rigging with no deformation and no clipping, along with high-tessellation alpha cards for the fur, giving them an almost realistic while surrounded by Chun-Li’s unrealistically dynamite body.

The outfit comes with enhanced physics, and an improved mesh that BrutalAce worked on to achieve peak feminine perfection for the iconic Street Fighter heroine.

You can further appreciate BrutalAce’s fine craftsmanship on this work of digitally enticing art by checking out some actual gameplay footage of the new Halloween outfit in action.

In addition to the physics, new costume, and the four hairstyles, BrutalAce also added a few original colors along with dry and wet skin options, so you can see all the glistening bits of sweat stroll their way down her winding curves.

BrutalAce continues to prove that he’s easily one of the best modders in the business today.

You can contribute to his cause if you think his work is worth it by hitting up the BrutalAce Patreon page.

Alternatively you can download the mod and increase the allure of Chun-Li’s attire in Street Fighter V’s. Also, is it me or does the Halloween angel outfit look a lot like Felicia’s outfit from Darkstalkers?

Street Fighter V Screenshot 2017.10.24 -


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