Street Fighter 5 Menat Nude Mod Available For Download
Street Fighter 5 Nude Menat Mod

Finding nude mods for Menat, the latest Egyptian character for Street Fighter V, is no easy task. The mods for the character in general are rather sparse, and nude mods haven’t been quite as forthcoming for the almond-skinned beauty. Well, one modder decided to change that around and finally give gamers what they’ve been desperately searching for since her debut this past summer: a Street Fighter 5 Menat nude mod.

Modder TerryXX has a full nude mod available on the Patreon download page.

The NSFW mod paks feature Menat in her basic nude form, while a separate nude pak features her skin all oiled up, for those of you who like that sort of thing. A final pak features Menat in the buff, with nothing on but her cinnamon skin… dripping wet.

There actually isn’t much more to it than that.

TerryXX does mention that he plans on making futa versions and a pregnant version of the mod. For now he just has the basic versions with and without accessories, along with the oiled skin and the wet skin.

It’s become dangerous times supporting nude mods on services like Patreon. The company has been cracking down on artists who are supported for producing deviant art and extreme content. TerryXX and a few other modders have scaled back on what they show on their Patreon pages but easily offer links to showcase their highly appreciated work. So for people who wanted to see Menat in more than just a skimpy bikini, you can go a step further with the full-on nude mod.

With so many services attempting to censor this kind of content it means that some gamers have had to search it out in the backwoods forum boards, and through the coded-word comment sections of various sites. Nevertheless, where there is a will to see virtual hotties without their clothes on, modders will surely find a way.


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