Street Fighter 5 Receives Nude Mod For Ann Takamaki From Persona 5
Street Fighter 5 - Persona 5 Nude

Modder KhaleDantar666 has been on a role lately. He’s produced the kind of mod that will create a torrent of supply for the Red Cross from the noses of thirsty gamers the world around. This main is a fap-philanthrapist, and he’s brought all the goods right to your doorstep. That’s right, there’s a nude mod for Ann Takamaki from Atlus’ Persona 5, and it’s ripe, juicy, and ready for downloading… if you happen to have the PC version of Street Fighter V.

As reported by EventHubs, Ann Takamaki has been modded into Street Fighter V to replace Karin.

You’ll have to request the mod for download from over on KhaleDantar666’s Ann Takamaki DeviantArt page.

You can get a taste of the juice with the images below. Remember to look but don’t drool; gander but don’t grasp.

As you can see, it looks like a thicker replica of Ann. Instead of her having those straight curves, Khale decided to give her some thick curves.

She’s protuberant in all the places, replete with a callipygian caboose.

She’s fully modeled and fully detailed in all the areas that count.

Now if you’re not into the unzipped exposure of Ann’s (or Karin’s) extremities, you can always settle for the safe-for-work version of the mod that keeps all her tidy-whitey bits covered. You can see what the standard version of the mod looks like below.


Of course, if you need to see the mod in action there’s also video footage as well. One of the things that Khale added was different iterations of Ann, including super jiggly options, oily options, and different variations where she has the mask on and when she takes the mask off.

You can check out the video below.

Have fun bringing those dreams into reality with the Ann replacement mod for Karin in Street Fighter V.


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