SyFy Promotes GaymerX For Being Inclusive Despite GaymerX’s Exclusionary Practices

SyFy published a hit-piece against #GamerGate in an aim to promote the latest LGBTQIA convention held by the organization GaymerX. The piece was published on November 9th, 2017 and goes through the gamut of invectives against #GamerGate, Trump supporters, and anyone who doesn’t identify with the extreme left.

The article interjects #GamerGate into the conversation at multiple points, rehashing the tired and debunked narrative about the consumer revolt being a harassment campaign, stating…

“[…] the forces that swept Donald Trump into office — the power of the so-called ‘alt-right’ — gained much of their experience through the 2014 Gamergate debacle, when a host of antifeminist video game enthusiasts embarked on a massive harassment campaign under the guise of a consumer revolt.


“Figureheads like Milo Yiannopolous and Mike Cernovich, who played large roles in galvanizing alt-right support for Trump online, were beloved to Gamergate, and built new political careers on its back. Toni Rocca, Head Chair of GaymerX, notes wryly that “all these people who said ‘don’t put politics in your video games’ are now way more interested in their politics being everywhere.”

Things kicked up a notch when Syfy intervied GaymerX’s head chair, Toni Rocca, who took further aim at #GamerGate, saying…

“One of the misconceptions is that Gamergate was when people became sexist about games or racist about games,” […] “For those of us who are marginalized people in any fandom or community, we know that the hate is always there. Those people weren’t born in 2014.”

This particular comment has caused various individuals within the LGBTQIA community to become quite incensed, given that Rocca has essentially erased them from existence for supporting #GamerGate.

Over on the Kotaku in Action post, various members of the community who supported #GamerGate’s efforts to reform ethics in media journalism spoke out against Rocca and GaymerX’s perceived bigotry…

The thread contains additional comments from individuals who find it detestable that GaymerX is labeling all of those who support #GamerGate as harassers or exclusionary, especially when evidence surfaced that those within the anti-#GamerGate community basically threatened GaymerX to exclude anyone from #GamerGate to participate at any of GaymerX events. Essentially even if you’re part of the LGBTQIA community, you won’t find a safe space at GaymerX if you have the wrong politics.

In a series of tweets posted on October 8th, 2014, anti-#GamerGate developer Christine Love wrote…

“Deeply unimpressed by @GaymerX still defending [GamerGate] in their “apology.” STOP LEGITIMIZING A HATE MOVEMENT.”


“[…] Your language legitimizes a hate movement that thrives on obfuscating their goals. By humouring it, you’re helping them do that.


“(I’m not saying any of this in my capacity as a sponsor, to be clear—just as a long-time supporter that’s not impressed.)”

After the individual handling the GaymerX account apologized profusely, the organization thereafter took a decidedly anti-#GamerGate stance.

Kotaku In Action chronicled various instances where GaymerX blocked and badmouthed members of the LGBTQIA community for simply aligning with #GamerGate.

The Twitter account by March, 2015 had turned full anti-#GamerGate, calling anyone associated with the movement “sock-puppet accounts”, even those in the LGBTQIA community attempting to reach out and discuss #GamerGate with GaymerX.

This wasn’t just limited to the GaymerX official Twitter account. On March 14th, 2015, the chair of GaymerX, Toni Rocca, also took to reducing members of the LGBTQIA community to nothing more than “sock puppet accounts” when erroneously tweeting out that #GamerGate is a harassment campaign.


I was able to reach out to Toni Rocca and ask about protocol at GaymerX relating to those considered marginalized being blocked and excluded from the so-called safe spaces provided by GaymerX. If Rocca responds the article will be updated to reflect the response.

However, I was unable to get a comment from the individual running the official GaymerX account, since they have me blocked.

(Thanks for the news tip Lyle)


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