Tokyo Tattoo Girls Now Available On PS Vita, Steam
Tokyo Tattoo Girls

NIS America, Nikkatsu and Sushi Typhoon Games announced that Tokyo Tattoo Girls has officially launched in North America for the PlayStation Vita and on Steam for PC. You can pick up a digital copy of the game right now from the PlayStation Store or on Steam.

The limited edition is actually available during the first week of being on sale at a 17% off discount, meaning you only have to pay $24.73 to get your hands on the game. As detailed on the Steam page, you get the digital art book and the tattoo parlor music soundtrack included.

Now if you don’t have any plans on getting the game’s limited edition, you can pick up the standard copy of Tokyo Tattoo Girls for only $19.99. During the first week of being on sale it’s available at a discounted 10% off so you can get it for only $17.99.

The game itself is about saving Japan by gathering up a party of young Japanese girls who you must tattoo in order to make them stronger. Different tattoos have different properties, thus you’ll have to mix and match to find the ones that best suit your play-style.

You’ll have to reunite all 23 clans of Tokyo and bring peace to the land by defeating the clan leaders and bringing them into submission under your rule.

There really isn’t too much more to the game other than what’s showcased in the trailer, which you can view below.

So yeah, when you get done battling the enemies, or going through the visual novel-style storyboard, you can also go gambling to earn a few extra coins.

The game is chock full of different types of waifus, so if you’ve been starved of a game with a good selection of waifus, Sushi Typhoon Games have you covered.

It’s more of a clicker than a traditional RPG, so if you’re looking for something thorough and thick with enough content to keep you engaged, you might do better looking elsewhere, like the Trails in the Sky series.

If you’re interested in a simple game with a tattoo-themed premise, you can check out Tokyo Tattoo Girls over on the Steam store page right now or by grabbing a copy from the PlayStation Store for the PS Vita.

NIS America previously stated that the game would launch uncensored in the West, so as gamers play through it we’ll see if they held true to their word.


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