TransRoad: USA Cheats Enable Infinite Money
(Last Updated On: November 14, 2017)

Astragon Entertainment and Deck13 Hamburg have put out TransRoad: USA on to Steam, which means that the truck simulator is now available for PC. Joining TransRoad: USA’s release comes cheat trainers that bring infinite money to the table.

Upon firing up TransRoad: USA, you’ll find that it’s a game about managing your very own logistics company and discovering the economy behind the world of cross-country delivery.

Like any other truck simulator, this game explores the complexity of driving a truck and what it takes to get to point A to point B.

The tribulations of traveling across various locations, in this case the United States, in TransRoad: USA is reflected through the Rocky Mountains to New York and everything between the two places.

The so-called realistic map featured in TransRoad: USA has it setup where you can build an HQ in one of 37 cities. From here you can buy your first truck, trailer, hire more drivers, and find the best contracts and route combinations to satisfy your clients.

If all of the above sounds too hard for you, if you want to mess around and do silly stuff or if you want to write up a guide to help others, new cheat trainers that grant infinite money have surfaced.

The first place where you can get the infinite money cheat for TransRoad: USA sits over on

The second place where you can get infinite money and buy your way through TransRoad: USA to do whatever it is that you want to do, happens to be located over on

TransRoad: USA currently has a price point of out $21.24 right now through a 15% off special that will end in the next two days as of this writing. The game is available for PC and is only available on Steam.

More information on this game can be found over on

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