Troll Groups Paid To Sow Political Tension Via BLM, Alt-Right, NRA Propaganda, States Reports
Russian Trolls

Black Lives Matter, attacks for and against the 2nd Amendment, illegal immigration topics, attacks for and against Muslims, and Blacktivism campaigns have all been linked to troll groups designed to disrupt and sow division among the American public across social media in an attempt to further destabilize relations between the Left and Right.

Andy C. Ngo recently tweeted out how the above groups have been utilized and co-opted by trolls to promote both Progressive activism and pro-Trump sentiments in order to ratchet up political division among Americans.

This information was made available by U.S., Congress as part of the HPSCI website where select exhibits of the troll group activity are cataloged on the site, some of which you can view below.

The ad campaigns were all paid for by the same group, despite the fact that they target opposing groups with specific messages designed to rile up and anger people on the Left and the Right: Pro-BLM propaganda, pro-cop propaganda, pro-guns, anti-guns, pro-Hillary, anti-Hillary, pro-Trump, and anti-Trump ads all sowing seeds to create distrust, resentment, and division among the American people.

CNN did a report about the groups behind the movements, although it’s difficult to tell how trustworthy they are. Nevertheless, they note that Facebook was ordered by U.S., intelligence agencies to hand over the metadata for the ads that the group paid for as well as the group information as well, where it was revealed that Russian agitators were supposedly behind the groups.

The New York Post had a similar report that was published back on September 28th, 2017, indicating that U.S., intelligence agencies also ordered Twitter to hand over data relating to 200 bot accounts attached to Black Lives Matter groups and other anti-Clinton, anti-Trump, and other politically motivated agitation groups, where it was reported that they were operating from out of Russia.

The actual report over on the Office of the Director of National Intelligence maintains the unverified narrative that this was all a ploy by Russian president Vladimir Putin. However, Talking Points Memo did do an in-depth report on the matter, and various individuals linked to one of the troll farms that were operated out of St. Petersburg, Russia.

While the mainstream news media keeps trying to ties hits back to Vladimir Putin, the obvious question is why would Putin want to politically destabilize America? Some rumors floated that this could all tie back to the same groups like George Soros’ Open Society. The Soros funded group has been linked to destabilization outfits such as Antifa, who also attempted to leverage Black Lives Matter and the Social Justice Warrior movements to riot and cause politically-motivated violence in the United States, as reported by the Daily Caller.


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