Vice Suspends Documentary Producer Jason Mojica For Sexual Misconduct

Vice Sexual Misconduct

While the allegations from former Vice employee Phoebe Barghouty have been nothing but allegations, they were enough for Vice to suspend the head of the documentary film unity, Jason Mojica.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Mojica was a former editor-in-chief at Vice but was promoted to the head producer of the documentary unit back in August of 2016, has been suspended following Vice’s investigation into the allegations made by Barghouty during her tell-all interview with The Daily Beast.

No further comments or statements were produced by Vice regarding Mojica’s suspension, but it comes shortly after both Vice and their subsidiary Waypoint acknowledged the sexual misconduct claims that were said to be rife within the media company’s corporate culture.

So what exactly did Mojica do? According to Barghouty he asked how flexible she was after asking if she signed the non-traditional non-disclosure agreement, something that Waypoint reproached Vice for using as a means of leverage against employees.

One of the employees told the Daily Beast under anonymity – since she had signed the NDA and did not want to risk legal repercussions – that some management used the NDAs as pressure against the young female staff…

“When older men, senior reporters, or managers would hook up with young female reporter after young female reporter, [my manager] would kind of a shrug and say, ‘Well, non-traditional workplace environment.’”

The Daily Beast says that employees told them that the managing staff would use the NDA in a joking manner before doing something uncouth.

Mojica is one of several Vice employees who has been reprimanded by the company since October. After the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, multiple women came forward to accuse anti-#GamerGate journalists like Sam Kriss and Michael Hafford for sexual misconduct and attempted rape. Vice fired the other journalists after the news spread, but the damage was already done given how staunchly vocal they were about being feminist allies.