VR Karts, Radial-G Available At Retail For PlayStation VR
VR Karts

Perp Games announced that VR Karts and Radial-G have both become available for those with a PlayStation VR headset. The two games have previously released as digital-only titles, but Perp Games wanted to increase the possibilities of reaching those who either don’t browse the PlayStation Store or refuse to give up their rights as consumers by avoiding digital-only games.

VR Karts is available for only $29.99 and is rated ‘E’ for everyone, while Radial-G is available for $39.99, and is also rated ‘E’ for Everyone. And since they aren’t rated AO, it means you don’t have to worry about the games being filled with loot box gambling.

Mickey Torode, director of publishing at Perpetual, commented in the press release about the the release of the games at retail, saying…

“Game developers are just getting started with unlocking the true potential in virtual reality gaming,” “We are looking forward to continue working with these amazing developers on bringing titles like these and many others to players pining for deeper, more complex VR content to experience.”

Radial-G originally came out way back in early 2016 by Tammeka Games. It’s like a new version of Extreme-G, where you’re not just relying on racing fast through the tracks but you’re also using a variety of futuristic weapons to subdue and waylay opponents along the way.

VR Karts is on the opposite end of the spectrum, focusing mostly on a casual gameplay experience for those who want a VR racing romp but without the bare-knuckle intensity that comes with a game like Radial-G.

Players can customize their character, their karts and race around the world across a variety of tracks. You can also use the DualShock 4 as a steering wheel using the gyroscopic controls.

As a poor man’s Mario Kart, you can take the VR experience online and race against up to five other players in six-player bouts.

As mentioned, you can pick up both games right now for the PlayStation VR from participating retailers.


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