War Tech Fighters, Anime-Inspired Mech Game Receives Major Update
War Tech Fighters

Drakkar Dev and Green Man Gaming Publishing announced that the latest major update for their 3D, action-oriented, mech fighting game, War Tech Fighters, has launched for Early Access backers. The update is being called the “Quantum Update” and brings with it a number of new enhancements both for the single-player story mode and the multiplayer portion of the game.

According to the press release the single-player portion of the game has been updated to include five all new story missions involving the main character, Nathan Romanis, along with some new dangers being introduced into the game via the Zatronian army.

Additionally, they’ve added some all new customization components for the War Tech mechs, including all new swords and shields, along with a brand new super weapon known as the Quantum Wave.

They briefly demonstrate the new features in a trailer that you can check out below.

As you can see the game still needs a heck of a lot of polish and updating before you could consider it to be a worthy rival of games like Front Mission or Armored Core.

The biggest issue so far is that the animations are still really, really rough around the edges. As you’re moving the mechs around they don’t seem to react properly to the shift in momentum going from left to right. They have that 3D cardboard reaction, which takes away from the feeling of giant tons of mass moving around in space.

Also, the combat looks kind of stilted and like the motion relies a little too heavily on some rudimentary keyframes. The strikes and movement lack the pizzazz necessary to make the mechs feel and move as heavy as they look.

Hopefully as they move through the Early Access phase they’ll continue to improve the core fundamentals of the game’s design before it exits Early Access.

You can learn more by visiting the Steam Early Access page or the Green Man Gaming page.


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