Warframe: Plains Of Eidolon Lands On PS4, Xbox One November 14th
Warframe Plains of Eidolon

Digital Extremes announced that Warframe: Plains of Eidolon will finally arrive on home consoles starting November 14th. The expansion is already currently available for PC gamers, bringing the third-person, space-ninja action title up to par with Bungie’s Destiny 2 in terms of expanse and freedom of exploration, but Xbox and PlayStation gamers will soon be able to join in on the action.

The major selling point for the new expansion is that it allows gamers to explore an open-world sandbox map in Warframe for the very first time. You’ll be able to transition from safe zones to war zones without any loading screens getting in the way.

Not only that, but the new colony of Cetus – where most of your open-world exploits will take place – features full day and night cycles, replete with an ecosystem that changes challenges and enemies depending on the time of day. There will be up to 50 players per instance, and there will also be a number of mini-games you can partake in, including going fishing.

Not only can do spearfishing (which is surprisingly well designed) but you can also mine for resources, or travel the map using the Sky Archwing as a means of transportation.

In addition to all new missions, all new enemies, all new locations, and all new activities to partake in within the massive new update, Digital Extremes also announced the introduction of the new Warframe, Gara.

The 34th addition to the game will also accompanied by the all new weapon crafting mechanic, where you can build, craft, and name your very own weapons.

They’ve also upgraded the Focus for Operator skills, and added a bunch of other skins for players to acquire or unlock for a variety of different Warframes and weapons.

I used to have fun running around, hopping off walls, killing things and slicing things to pieces with my flaming spear. I don’t know how well it will all work out playing in an open-world on home consoles, but if people are having fun with it then all the more power to them.

For more info on Warframe or the Plains of Eidolon expansion, be sure to hit up the official website


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