Weekly Recap Nov 11th: Hollywood’s SJW Cornucopia Of Sexual Corruption Exposed
Weekly Recap

Social Justice Warriors and Hollywood blowhards have been preaching from the warped pulpit of perversion, proselytizing their sermons to warrant servitude within the sexually sinful spire of their corrupt cult. Nevertheless, the victims of their frolicking folly have stepped forward to crusade against the cesspit of the SJW’s cornucopia of sexual deviance.

The lair of licentiousness, along with the indecent indulgence in decadent behavior, have been exposed from through the zipper of bravery. Victims have crawled out of the secretion of depravity to throw names and numbers into the social media lot, where the lashings of everyman criticisms and trials by public scorn have become the order of the day.

Burdened victims wore tears no longer; but tears were worn in shame through the confessions of the guilty.

– Oh yeah, and Techraptor threw a lot of GamerGate supporters under the bus in an attempt to appease SJWs. These stories and more in this November 11th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


TechRaptor Falls Afoul Of SJWs And GamerGate

For some reason TechRaptor thought that they could get in with the good graces of the SJW games media by distancing themselves from #GamerGate, resulting in SJWs still treating them like a pariah and #GamerGate folks realizing that they’re once more left out in the cold. Blue Reflection has officially been censored by Koei Tecmo, resulting in gamers getting angry at the publisher and modders doing what they do best by turning the game into an out-and-out porno playground for players with a penchant for perverse school-girls. The FCC is aiming to rollback net neutrality just before Thanksgiving, hoping to get the vote moved through while everyone is worried about stuffing turkey down their mouth hole. And Capcom decided to pull off a heroic move by announcing that there won’t be loot boxes or microtransactions in Monster Hunter World.

Michael Pachter Drinks SocJus Kool-Aid

Michael Pachter has drunk the SocJus Kool-Aid, claiming that #GamerGate was abhorrent and that it was about sexism in gaming, even though there’s ample evidence showcasing that the consumer revolt was anything but a harassment campaign. After Activision announced that they were not going to add stat-based weapons to the supply drops in Call of Duty: WW2, but it turns out that they added them anyway. What do you think about that, Fritz? Also, Microsoft realizes that they’re losing the console race harder than the Democrats lost the general elections last year, and so they’ve decided to start putting time and money into purchasing studios and building exclusives for the Xbox family of consoles. A double-LP for Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 is on the way this winter, where you’ll be able to get your hands on remastered tracks hand-selected by the composer for the vinyls. And there’s a realistic first-person shooter on the way called Project 1942 that’s currently in the works where the campaign sees you playing as the German Reich in an alternate history where they must fight against imperial Britain and the American aggressors.


Anti-GamerGate Journalist Apologizes For Attempted Rape

An editor-in-chief for a state funded Netherlands outlet called Joop.nl apologized for attempting to rape a young woman. Francisco van Jole originally denied the claims, but then later after the evidence surfaced featuring an audio clip of him confessing to the allegations of rape, he then apologized through another Dutch journalist. Will he get jail-time, though? Many of this anti-#GamerGate rapists seem to be escaping any kind of punishment, other than Matt Hickey, who had been raping women for the better part of a decade. And keeping in synch with the whole sexual misconduct train, police are investigating Hollywood for the alleged pedophilia rings. It looks like it’s all coming full circle with the #PizzaGate conspiracy. One indie dev studio accidentally pushed a button and graduated their game Death Coming from Early Access. Meanwhile another developer has been implementing microtransactions that they themselves acknowledge are shady as all get out. And speaking of microtransactions… EA and BioWare are currently in deep discussions about adding loot boxes to Anthem.


George Takei’s SJW Glory Hole Of Male-Bonding Perversion Is Exposed

An attempted rape was conducted by George Takei, and the man lived to tell the tale. Takei wasn’t the only one attempting to get into the pants of a young and impressionable individual. The creator of Mad Men was also allegedly conducting himself in a less-than-ethical manner, and so was award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss. There has been so many outings of sexual misconduct lately that it’s getting hard to keep up with them all. In case you missed it before, the moderator of RPG.net, Matt McFarland, was also outed for sexual harassment. Donna Brazile betrayed Hillary Clinton and the SJW campaign of corruption by penning a piece for Politico throwing the harridan of hackneyed harping on Russian hacking under the proverbial bus. Nintendo plans on shipping 30 million Switch units throughout 2018, and Focus Home Interactive made a brazen announcement claiming that the upcoming Vampyr will not have DLC, microtransactions or loot boxes.


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