Weekly Recap Nov 18th: Overwatch One-Tricker Banned, Sexual Misconduct Is Hollywood’s STD
Weekly Recap

Even more Hollywood heavyweights, media personalities and corrupt journalists have been flagged for sexual misconduct this past week. In fact, allegations of sexual misconduct is Hollywood’s new STD, and there’s no cure for this bad boy.

Also, Blizzard decided to go full-retard by banning a player for only playing a straight white male. That’s right, Fuey500 was banned for only playing as Torbjorn. In the eyes of Blizzard everyone should be engaging in diversity-picks or they shouldn’t be playing Overwatch. If you only play straight white males in the game you better grab a lesbian pilot as your secondary, or an autistic black chick as a backup, or a thick Eskimo hotty if all else fails. But yeah.. if you want to one-trick a straight white male? Be prepared to get banned.

These ridiculously retarded stories and more in this November 18th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


More Hollywood Heavyweights Get Hammered

The sexual misconduct allegations won’t be going away anytime soon. This time DC Comics’ group editor Eddie Barzenga got hit, and has been indefinitely suspended by DC Comics for his sexually uncouth troubles. CW’s executive producer over Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow, Andrew Kreisberg, also got hit hard and has also been suspended for sexual misconduct. Capcom has a new Ace Attorney game in the works for the Nintendo Switch, due for release at some point in the middle or late 2018. And rumors are ramping up that Devil May Cry 5 and Soul Calibur VI could be on the way.


Blizzard Bans An Overwatch Player For Only Playing Torbjorn

It’s true, it’s true. Blizzard Entertainment banned a player for only playing as Torbjorn in Overwatch. The news began spreading like wildfire as gamers laughed, reeled, and scratched their heads at Blizzard’s decision to ban a player because he only played as Torbjorn. In lighter news, a new Hulu television series in the works based on IO Interactive’s Hitman series. An editorial about how microtransactions actually aren’t used to compensate for rising development costs has been published. The Honey Badger Brigade’s trial is drawing ever so close, and they’ll have three days to state their case and provide witness testimony. And Polygon and Vox decided to attack the #GamerGate hub Kotaku in Action, imploring Reddit’s administrators to shut down the subs.


Vice Accused Of Fostering Sexual Harassment Culture

Well looky here, it appears we have a hypocrite on deck. Vice was exposed in a lengthy editorial about how they foster a toxic work environment for their female employees. Vice claims they’re investigating the claims, even though they were one of the main ones claiming that #GamerGate was a harassment campaign. Shoe is on the other foot now, beyotch. More good news for those who enjoy karmac justice. EA and Activision are both being investigated by the Belgian Gaming Commission for possible unregulated gambling via loot boxes featured in Star Wars: Battlefront II and Overwatch. If the commission cracks down on them then it sets a huge precedent for loot boxes featured in other games. And speaking of Star Wars: Battlefront II, Patrick Klepek from Waypoint got called out for spreading a fear-mongering story about a fake developer who created a harassment hoax in order to make the gaming community look bad. And in even more Star Wars related news, EA wants Anthem to be the new Star Wars: Battlefront. Also, Marvel Heroes is shutting down while allegations of sexual misconduct surface.


Marvel Editor Attempts To Use SJW Minions To Shut Down Diversity & Comics

You thought Marvel was done going after Diversity & Comics? Well, you’re wrong. They’re not done with him by a long shot. In fact, one of the editors, Heather Antos, has collected her league of Social Justice lesions and have attempted to attach themselves to Diversity & Comics and get his Patreon account shut down. Their plans have been foiled so far, but they aren’t giving up just yet. Speaking of SJWs trying to act like a self-consuming entity… one of the heads of Apple’s inclusion and diversity division was fired for saying that including white voices is also inclusive and diverse. Apple replaced the black woman wanting to include more whites into the ecosystem with a white woman… because the black woman wasn’t being inclusive enough. The PS4 and Switch go head-to-head in Skyrim and the Switch holds up surprisingly well compared to the bigger, beefier version of Bethesda’s game. And Vice has suspended the head of their documentary division for sexual misconduct. Don’t even start the timer… keep it at zero because there will probably be another that gets outed before the new week rolls in.


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