Weekly Recap Nov 25th: Politicians Seek To Castrate Loot Box Gambling
Weekly Recap

Lawmakers have taken it upon themselves to become the proctologists of predatory payment systems in triple A games, vowing to investigate and/or legislate prohibitions on premium loot boxes in triple A titles that can be sold to minors. This means that EA, Activision, Warner Bros., and every other major publisher looking to ravage the wallets of addict-prone gamers will be in for a rude awakening soon enough when premium loot boxes will be prohibited in any game rated ‘T’ for Teen or lower.

Beyond publishers’ monetary dreams of premium loot boxes getting trained in the alley by a gang of politicians, this week also saw a number of anti-#GamerGate villains pleading guilty to the most heinous of crimes that a human being can commit. Former Gizmodo and Forbes journalist Matt Hickey pleaded guilty to multiple counts of reduced rape charges, and former NeoGaf moderator Amir0x got peed on after pleading guilty to child porn. These disturbing stories and more in this luridly enlightening November 25th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Cyberpunk 2077 Won’t Have Greedy Monetary Practices

There was a big hullabaloo over comments made by CD Projekt Red’s CEO about Cyberpunk 2077’s where it was intimated that the game might have microtransactions. Gamers felt as if CD Projekt was potentially breaking their trust, but the company responded by saying that the upcoming action-RPG would not have greedy practices embedded. Frictional Games is re-releasing SOMA for the Xbox One, but this time it’s coming with a guaranteed “Safe Mode”, so even the most incompetent and inept game journalists will be able to beat the game. Also, Disney reportedly dropped the hammer on EA and told them to screw off with the microtransactions in Star Wars: Battlefront II because of all the gambling publicity surrounding the launch of the title. And Marvel Comics replaced its editor-in-chief with one that many hope won’t be brainwashed by SJWism.


Legislators Are About To Gang-Rape Loot Boxes

You all asked for it and state representatives are aiming to do it. That’s right, lawmakers are about to gang-rape premium loot boxes into the dirt, and it’s all thanks to EA being the greediest greedster the gaming world has ever known… even more-so than Tencent, and almost no one is greedier than Tencent. Well, Hawaii’s lawmakers and Belgium’s gaming commission are set to make premium loot boxes illegal. CBS correspondent Charlie Rose has been fired for sexual misconduct, while Disney Animation’s head honcho has taken a six month sabbatical to deal with his sexual misconduct allegations. Matt Hickey is still being penalized for raping women over the course of a decade, and he’ll do at the very least two years in prison for being an anti-#GamerGate rapist.


Former NeoGaf Mod Gets Urinated On By Cellmate

The pedo-lover and former NeoGaf moderator, Christopher John Goldberg, is currently awaiting sentencing in January, 2018 for looking at child pornography from the darknet. During his stay in jail his cellmate peed on Goldberg’s mattress and then threw the rest of the urine at Goldberg and the corrections officer. It’s a small taste of what Goldberg can look forward to when gets a tour of the big house for real in January. The French consumer advocacy commission, the UFC Que-Choisir, have beckoned lawmakers to step up put prohibitory measures in place to keep kids from purchasing games with premium loot boxes. On the more positive side of the news, if you’re interested in earning some extra shekels for playing video games, there’s a part-time job opening available courtesy of RWS where they’re looking for video game testers for upcoming titles. Some fans have been following Platinum Games’ creative director Hideki Kamiya on Twitter, and they think that some of his tweets have revealed that a new Viewtiful Joe game could be in the works.


Star Citizen alpha 3.0 has finally entered into the PTU. This means that gamers can finally get in some play time with the procedurally generated universe, the character customization, the various suits, the weapons, the vehicles and the exploration in the game, along with dogfighting and having some fun with friends in the great expanse of space. Everyone who is tired of microtransactions will be in for a rude awakening, as the stats show that microtransactions in freemium games have actually doubled over the last five years, and it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down anytime soon until legislation kicks in, which could have some unforeseen effects on the entire gaming industry. While gamers may be fighting back against the SJW menace, it looks like moviegoers are also doing the same, taking out their frustrations on Disney’s upcoming film A Wrinkle in Time. On the brighter side of the news, there’s a new Warhammer 40,000: Gladius game in the works that will give gamers some 4x strategy fun to experience. And the executive director at Content Creators Coalition, Jeffrey Boxer, has been ousted from the company after sexual misconduct allegations surfaced, according to Adland.tv.


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