Weekly Recap Nov 4th: NBC Goes Full Fake News, Last Of Us 2 Triggers SJWs
Weekly Recap

This was an uneventful week. In a way, this is good news considering that usually each week is filled to the brim with games being censored, free speech being challenged in irreversible ways, and the destabilization of civil society as we know it. In this case, the week ended with only the usual buffet of lunacy from the usual players, such as Anita Sarkeesian saying something idiotic in order to resuscitate the zombie remains of her career by invoking the undead social media corpse of #GamerGate, along with some Valve being pressured to enforce their TOS by keeping devs from posting porn patches on the Steam store page.

Beyond that we had NBC News going full fake news by literally photoshopping #GamerGate onto threatening tweets, and a bunch of SJW media websites getting more triggered than Stephen Paddock’s modified rifles after witnessing the Paris Games Week cinematic trailer for The Last of Us 2, which featured a butch woman on herculean steroids, and the typical token diversity heroes put through the gamut of peril. Only this time around, Neil Druckmann and the Naughty Dog crew on the leash of Progressivism didn’t get off easy from the SJW media hordes and were reproved for putting those poor ‘ole digital women in danger.

These stories and more in this November 4th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Anita Sarkeesian Strikes Again

We thought we vanquished this foe long ago, but it appears Anita Sarkeesian is back… again. She managed to make an extremely inflammatory remark by comparing #GamerGate to Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, but thankfully enough people managed to call her out on her bullcrap. We have up a review of the strategy game Numantia, but sadly the game doesn’t live up to the potential we once thought it had. The ending to Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus left a lot of people angry and disappointed with the way the story unfolded. And speaking of Wolfenstein II… it turns out that SJWs won’t be punching Hitler in the face in Germany because he was censored in that version of the game. Yes, the Germans censored Hitler. Publisher SakuraGame ended up getting dragged into the spotlight over an unethical incident involving the 18+ eroge New Glass. And details on what Visceral’s Ragtag was going to be like leaked and unsurprisingly enough it was going to be like Uncharted.


NBC News Fabricates Fake News To Tarnish #GamerGate

NBC News took steps toward becoming renown for out and out fake news when the editors literally edited tweets and attached the #GamerGate hashtag to the tweets in order to paint the movement as a harassment campaign. Thankfully people are calling NBC out for the fabricated news piece. China has taken umbrage with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds because they feel it glorifies ancient Roman gladiatorial games, and that it undermines their socialist values. CCP has backed out of the VR game for now after their endeavors failed and they couldn’t turn a profit on VR products, resulting in a couple of studio closures. Nude mods or uncensored patches can no longer be officially distributed by developers through Steam’s news update section or through the forums. Sony wants to further explore “microtransactions” in their upcoming games. And SJWs go on the attack against Naughty Dog for showing violence against women in the Last of Us 2 trailer. This comes shortly after Neil Druckmann’s studio was accused of sexually harassing a man, and Naughty Dog denied it because they don’t listen and believe men like they do liars.


Twitter Employee Briefly Disabled Trump’s Twitter Account

A low level employee at Twitter temporarily disabled President Donald Trump’s Twitter account on their last day of working at the company, proving even a low-wage scumbag can overpower the President on a Leftist platform. Perfect World Entertainment pulled an EA, closing down Motiga and Runic Games, the latter of which is responsible for the Torchlight games. Careful, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles could end up being an SJW safe-haven. And speaking of the devil… Electronic Arts won’t be supporting Nintendo anytime soon, but gamers say “good riddance!” because they didn’t like EA anyway. Local journalist organizations got shut down after the owner decided to axe everybody when they joined a union. If you aren’t tired of the feminist debate Lady Bits covers Lara Croft and whether or not Tomb Raider’s reboot is feminist in the first episode. And it turns out that Russian troll groups with some loose ties to George Soros have been sowing seeds of disruption in America throughout most of 2016 in order to destabilize the political landscape of American politics.


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