Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus SJW, Alt-Right, Nazi Steam Threads Get Censored

Wolfenstein 2 Nazism

Bethesda seems to want to clean up the discussion on the Steam forums for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. What better way to do that than to drop the banhammer on users and threads?

In a post on October 26th, 2017, just a day before the game released, a user going by the handle of poesescape posted a thread asking why all the threads talking about SJWs, the Alt-Right and racism are being locked…

“why are the threads talking about racism getting locked? locking threads is NOT the behaviour of a reputable developer, or a game worth buying.


“makes the claims of the game being anti-white seem true, if you cant talk about it”

Poesescape isn’t wrong. There are a surprising number of threads about the game’s politics getting locked. Maldorf’s thread thanking users about warning him away from the game for being propaganda was locked on November 1st, 2017. Maldorf wrote…

“ A sincere thank you to those that warned about the left wing propaganda in this game
I am thankful for those that took the time to intelligently demonstrate the many elements of this game that do not appeal to me, things that would make the game unenjoyable for me. I am glad that I did not buy this game. I was originally planning on buying it eventually [because] I had no idea what the content would be like. It took me by surprise.”

PantsFreeZone was angered about his thread being deleted that discussed how Nazis are from the Left, writing…

“They deleted my thread explaining how Nazis are actually a product of left wing ideology. My big thread of genius got the ax and they instructed me to be constructive and polite.


“They got scared seeing all that redpill’n.”

PantsFreeZone was also banned after making the post.

Another thread discussing B.J. Blazkowicz being Jewish was also locked, along with a thread asking “Wow? Anyone picking up on the SJW vibe?”.

Wolfenstein 2 - Nazi Tribunal

On November 2nd, 2017 another thread was locked attacking Ring-wing gamers, with child of the old leech writing…

“Right wingers are trying to bury all the positive user reviews in downvotes Even though majority of reviews are positive, alt righters are apparently camping on this game’s steam page, downvoting every positive review the moment that it appears.


“All the best rate reviews right now are negative, and the positive ones (ones that correspond to majority opinion) are being pushed out of sight. “

Others disagreed, feeling as if there was a campaign to bury the real reasons why the game has so many negative reviews on Steam. Bork Lazer’s post saying that the game was actually getting hammered due to the politicization not only got locked but Bork Lazer got banned for his efforts.

Another post was locked on November 2nd, 2017 from DrData, attacking the Alt-Right and Neo Nazis, writing…

“I was planning to buy this game then I got curious after I saw the polarised reviews. Reading into the comments, it appears that the alt-right neo nazis are triggered by some anti nazi thing in the story and are out in full force downrating the game.


“So would it be safe to say the game is great and the negative reviews are just autistic screeching of neo nazis?”

Red Son’s post mirrored similar sentiments, and was also locked on November 2nd, 2017 after telling the Alt-Right to go cry in the Life is Strange threads…

“If you have an issue with an anti-nazi game, you’re just a triggered alt-righter


“It’s hilarious to see people getting triggered over a wolfenstein game, labelling it ‘SJW propaganda’, even though it’s just an alternate history sci-fi story that explores the evils of racism and nationalism, and not even taking itself 100% serious at that. You people have serious mental problems if you see something wrong with killing nazis, can’t you go cry about Life is Strange or something?”

Bethesda doesn’t appear to be taking favorites in the censorship, though. Others angry at both SJWs on the Left and extremists on the Alt-Right are also getting hit, such as Maskedviper’s post decrying both sides, where he wrote…

“Jesus, for the last time, Wolfenstein=/=Leftist propaganda


“The game is the ‘centrist’ of the modern game industry, not going too far to one side and reasurring you that the other extreme side (Nazis Vs. Marxists) are just as stupid and bad. So. For the brain-dead idiots and hell, for the far lefties praising the game as “their propganda” ♥♥♥♥ off! Wolfenstein has existed for longer than you and will continue to be about simply killing nazis, no more, no less, It’s not a political message and it’s not antifa porn.”

While the mods are obviously trying to clear up the threads and delete, lock, and close threads discussing SJWism, Alt-Right, and Nazis (which seems like an oxymoron given that Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is about Nazis), a few threads still managed to escape the purge. One thread asks if Wolfenstein II “reference current politics at all?” while another from Halel Tacoman made on October 28th, 2017 called “Propaganda, the game.” is also still active, despite Tacoman making highly charged political comments, writing…

“This game = Marxist trash that doesn’t even run properly, because it’s made by bunch of commies, partnered with money grubbing PC-hater Bethesda. I’d rather be a NATIONAL SOCIALIST than a dirty red. […]”

Majority of the other threads about Nazis, SJWs, Liberalism, propaganda, the Alt-Right and racism seem to be getting purged from the forums, though, and the mods are trying to remove as many of the threads as possible.

Some believe that this is hypocritical of Bethesda given that the company purposefully used politically charged imagery and slogans to market the game, and spawned lots of heated and vitriolic debates about the game’s Nazism vs Marxist messaging as well as fiery debates about racism in America, but now the company is actively trying to censor users on the forum from discussing the very topics the company fueled on social media with their marketing campaigns.

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