World Of Final Fantasy Coming To PC November 21st
World of Final Fantasy

Square Enix announced that World of Fantasy will be making its way to PC after enjoying a run on mobile devices. The game will see players teaming up with Reynn and Lann as they journey through the various colorful and dangerous worlds that Square crafted over the years in the Final Fantasy brand.

Neoseeker picked up the news after Square rolled out a near two minute long trailer detailing the gameplay and showcasing some of the game’s graphics running on PC.

The game takes place in Grymoire and players will visit many of the popular locations that were featured throughout the Final Fantasy series.

The game’s mixture of chibi characters and moe-style art makes the game look like it’s a cutesy JRPG designed for kids. Nevertheless, the charming art-style definitely helps it stand out from many other games out there.

The combat system is also mirrored closely after games like Devil Summoner or Pokemon, insofar that players will be able to capture the monsters that they encounter and utilize them in battle. It’s also possible to combine, upgrade, and customize the monsters you capture in order to make them stronger.

The game is due to drop on November 21st on PC, being made available on Steam alongside a day one edition. If you would prefer the game on a DRM-free service like you’re fresh out of luck.

Square only barely started adopting the PC platform as a legitimate alternative to making sales on their games, so don’t expect them to embrace the DRM-free community anytime soon.

Nevertheless, World of Final Fantasy was always a cool looking game that was unfortunately relegated to a release on mobile devices because Square wanted that sweet, sweet, casual cash.

It appears as if they’re now ready to slurp up the slivers of silver that real gamers will be willing to shell out once the game appears on Steam later this month.


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