Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s Female Boobs Triggers Some SJWs

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 The Triggering

Some SJWs are already getting triggered over Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The game features some sexy female characters wearing clothes and featuring designs that just about any red blooded male would find titillating. Well, as is usual with the rope and dance pony show, Social Justice Warriors have emptied their impotent rage into the troughs of social media for their followers to feed on, and some of that rage centers squarely around the attire and female sex appeal of the characters featured in Monolith Soft’s Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the Nintendo Switch.

One Twitter user actually forewarned of the forthcoming storm, insinuating on November 24th that SJWs would likely have a conniption over the character designs.

As the embargo lifted on the game and footage, reviews, screenshots and gifs began to emerge, so has the creepers from the corners of the Social Justice hall of cacophony.

Twitter is the home to most of these views, where white knighting and “realistic” proportions come into a discussion about a world where people live on giant flying titans that have their own ecosystems on their back while genetic-fantasy people can turn into living weapons.

There are tons more conversations about boobs, boob sliders, boob sizes, boob proportions, boob swords, boob armor, boob philosophy, boob physics, boob jiggling, boob weapons, and just plain ‘ole boobs.

The social media conversations extend an exhaustive list of variances on the topic of character designs in Xenoblade Chronicles 2…. and boobs.

Thankfully, some gamers are fighting back against the disparaging remarks aimed at Monolith and the designs in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Green Mick seemed to sum up the situation by saying “STFU” about it.

Now surprisingly, sites like Telegraph, Metro and RPG Site actually avoid getting into the gendered politics of body proportions and somatic measurements. Instead, some of the sites (so far) have focused on the actual merits of the gameplay, the integrity of the mechanics and UI, and the performance on the platform. Perhaps this is a sign of the changing times where we’re moving away from the sociopolitical vectors in which scores for games are measured and heading back toward game reviews centered on the meritocracy of enjoyment?

The takeaway, then, is that while there are some SJWs complaining about boobs and bounce on social media, the game reviewers (so far) are focused on the content and quality of the actual game. In a way, this is good because it means that all of the sociopolitical burdens put through the yoke of media grandstanding is finally being lifted off the necks of gamers. Keeping the criticisms contained to comment threads and out-of-the-way forum posts means that it’s no longer a discussion being blasted front and center from the media’s podium.

Many gamers were originally worried about the game’s localization in the West because Nintendo had some Western localizers work with Monolith Soft in Japan on the development of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to help speed up the localization process. Thankfully, however, the team sent to work with Monolith Soft was from Nintendo’s European branch and not Treehouse, so we avoided a situation where the game’s female leads saw their pelvic bones being removed.

However, this is still the early goings of Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s life on the market, and it’s always possible that SJWs fishing for clicks from the platforms could ratchet up the levers of propaganda to some insane heights and force gamers back into the trenches of [current year] culture debates.

(Thanks for the news tip Kyuryon)

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