Agony’s Red Goddess Videos Revel In Risque Themes
Agony - Red Goddess

Agony will likely stir up a lot of controversy around or at its launch, but it seems that PlayWay and Madmind Studio don’t mind showing off ostentatious imagery in their hellish game Agony, and the new Red Goddess-themed videos are no exception.

Set to release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime during the early part of 2018, publisher and developer PlayWay and Madmind Studio have two new videos that don’t show gameplay, but opt to show off what this Red Goddess has to flaunt in the horror survival title known as Agony.

Agony’s atmosphere attempts to show the anguish, pain, and gnashing of the doomed and restless in a hellscape, which the original soundtrack is supposed to help amplify.

Speaking of Agony’s OST, we get an early sample of the Red Goddess’ theme through the first of the two new videos. The first video is a still image that reveals the act of the Red Goddess breastfeeding what looks to be a spawn suffering from an extreme case of Pfeiffer syndrome.

The second trailer, much like the first, is void of any gameplay and shows that of the Red Goddess. Unlike the first video, though, we have the presence of several demonic entities around and about in a panning frame, with the goddess in question being front and center of the motley crew.

You can check out the explicit new video trailer below, thanks to Agony Game YouTube channel.

According to the devs, the game will have you assuming the role of a tormented soul that must explore dangerous locations. In the act of roaming a scourged realm full of scorn, you must interact with other weary souls to find your ticket out of Hell, which requires you to meet the Red Goddess.

Agony is slated to launch sometime in 2018 for PC and home consoles.


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