Annihilation Trailer Spoils Some Character Deaths And Features Sci-Fi Monstrosities


Paramount Pictures rolled out a trailer for a film that’s bound to have Bechdel Test-issuing feminists soaking up self-affirmation of progressivism in their bot-filled social media feeds after they get done watching it when some soy-eating beard-man gets permission to tweet at them the newest promo piece for Annihilation.

The trailer has all the hallmarks of the typical Liberal-themed sci-fi schlock that we’ve come to expect from large movie production outfits, but the highlight is that some of the monsters in the flick actually look kind of cool. Also, since the entire cast consists of women being brave and facing the unknown, it also means that all the deaths, all the gore, and all the violence committed in the film is also against women. Oh boy, there’s going to be some feminist somewhere trying to work out an equation on how to be offended while also praising the film for not featuring men in any prominent roles.

Anyway, you can check out the trailer below.

The trailer itself doesn’t attempt to make any loud claims about gender politics, other than that Natalie Portman, the main character, attempts to go into The Shimmer to find a cure for her husband, Oscar Isaac.

Portman’s character is a former military biologist, and is accompanied by a team of other specialists – all women, by the way – as they attempt to find a cure for Isaac.

The Shimmer is creating some crazy creatures and it’s constantly expanding, a little bit like the movie The Mist.

The trailer decides to completely forgo leaving a bit of mystery for the viewers. We see at least two character deaths in the trailer, and a good ‘ole look at a couple of the monsters.

Of course, given the all female team and the fact that the lead is a female — and there doesn’t appear to be any masculine men in sight — the comment section on the trailer broke down pretty quickly.

Accusations of Liberal indoctrination spilled out, accusations of misogyny were thrown back, and basically chaos ran loose within the confines of an unsecured, digital asylum.

Of course, some people didn’t hesitate to take an opportunity to strike back against the man who might single-handedly ruin the internet, according to outrage culture.

That’s got nothing to do with the movie or gender politics, but I don’t think anyone is going to stop an angry internet denizen from cursing the name of the FCC’s Ajit Pai.

Anyway, Annihilation is due to drop in theaters this upcoming February in 2018, so if you’re looking for a bear-wolf-alligator combination going on a rampage while feminists cheer from the sidelines, you know exactly where to look.

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