Anti-#GamerGate Podcaster, Dustin Marshall, Apologizes For Stalking, Abuse


Dustin Marshall, founder of the Feral Audio podcast network, is shutting down his podcast and taking a hiatus from the business following claims of abuse that he committed against his ex-girlfriend. Marshall, an anti-#GamerGate media personality, acknowledged the abuse, apologized for his behavior, and reiterated publicly that he was queer.

Vulture caught wind of the news, noting that Marshall shutting down Feral Audio will come at the top of the new year. The company hosts multiple podcasts under its wing and their fate is now up in the air with Feral Audio going kaput.

This comes after claims of abuse, stalking and harassment were levied against Marshall via his ex-girlfriend, as chronicled via archives on Kotaku In Action.

The allegations first appeared on December 21st, 2017 via images on a tweet posted by Abby Weems from the music group Potty Mouth.

Dustin Marshall responded with a long Tumblr post, explaining that he was queer and suffered from mental illness. Marshall wrote…

“I admit to online stalking you compulsively for 4-6 weeks after the break up. Though, there’s massive confusion and coincidence surrounding the idea that I imitated an actual friend of yours from another number. It was inappropriate to contact you under false pretenses from another number with a common name pulled from a hat. It is only more juvenile shameful inappropriate behavior.


“If anyone you date exhibits these behaviors, run. Men aren’t as self-aware as I am. I do believe you stayed as long as you did because you knew that I have a good nature and there was an inch of hope left. Men are not taught how to deal with our emotions and anger (which is why I think Dialectical Behavioral Therapy should be taught in grade school). We take it out on ourselves and unfortunately those closest to us.”

Marshall tries to justify some of his acts by saying he was addicted to love, drugs and alcohol, and that he has been getting help with his vices.

Ironically enough, as pointed out in the KIA thread, the podcast tried to hook someone up with Marshall via v-begging back in 2013.

Dustin Marshall, inevitably, was also a typical anti-#GamerGate critic, calling those who supported the movement harassers, and that it was a stand-in for “Rape Culture Anonymous”. This is despite the fact that #GamerGate is about ethics in media journalism, as evidenced with the movement’s efforts to work with the Federal Trade Commission to enforce disclosures in digitally published content.

Marshall joins many other male feminist allies and anti-#GamerGate critics and journalists who have been outed for sexual harassment, abuse, assault, or rape.