Blackberry Honey, Yuri VN 18+ Patch Download Available Along With Discount
Blackberry Honey Uncensored

Ebi-Hime and Project Sekai’s Blackberry Honey visual novel is currently discounted on Steam during the winter sale by 10% off the normal price for only $11.69 instead of $12.99. The discount isn’t much, but for gamers looking for a kinetic visual novel with some uncensored yuri lovemaking and big-breasted maids doing what they do best, the game and the 18+ uncensored patch are available right now on PC.

You can purchase the full version from the official Ebihime page for $12.99. If you already purchased the game from Steam, but realized that the Steam version is the all-ages version and you wanted to treat yourself to some holiday lewdness, you can do so by downloading the free 18+ patch from

Blackberry Honey - Bath Scene

To install the patch simply copy the file and place it into the “game” folder located inside the Blackberry Honey Steam app folder. It will ask if you want to overwrite the existing file and you just have to click yes.

If you’ve successfully managed to patch Blackberry Honey with the sexy-time content, you’ll notice that the main title window should change to show “Blackberry Honey (18+)”.

The visual novel follows a large-breasted maid named Lorina, living in the Victorian-era of London, England. She ends up at an estate where she’s treated quite rudely by most of the staff save for the mysterious Taohua. Throughout the 10 hour reading experience, gamers will connect with Lori and Taohua as they embark on their lesbian love story. You can check out some of the music and artwork in the launch trailer below.

Blackberry Honey sports support for 1080p displays, features an original soundtrack with 18 different songs, has more than 100,000 words of text, and plenty of detailed CG sequences, including the much-appreciated 18+ content for VN fans.

So grab a box of tissues and get ready to spill some… tears of… joy as you travel on the funny, heartbreaking, and dramatic tale of Lorina and Taohua.

You can pick up a digital copy for 10% off right now over on the Steam store.


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