Blister Update Shows Off Realistic Weapon Gadgets And Attachments
(Last Updated On: December 20, 2017)

Blister is an upcoming indie game by Item 42 that opts for a tactical first-person shooter experience. Set in London, the game strives to mirror the experience of older Rainbow Six games. The latest update video showing Blister briefly covers weapon gadgets and attachments.

Blister was originally featured on the now dead Steam Greenlight platform and at one point seemed as dead as the platform it was once on. However that has changed as of now and can be seen through a new GIF video.

The new video shows familiar weapons like the UMP, FAMAS, M14, DP12, KRISS Vector, and FN FAL. The short video focuses more on the KRISS Vector and all of its variants and attachments.

In addition to the above, the four tiers display applicable attachments such as: ACOG, Holosight, Red Dot Sight, Extended Mag, Heavy Barrel, Rail Barrel, Long Barrel, and Lightweight Stock.

You can look over the video, which shows off a “view weapon” button and how you can create quick slots containing different weapon builds.

The game is still in early development, but this video does suggest that the handful of devs are still sticking with the game after the couple of years that have passed since it was posted on Greenlight.

No release date has been set, but the devs do want the game to be PC only. A demo is planned, but much like the release date it has not surfaced yet.

On the topic of the demo, according to one of the devs, Gene Parmesan, he wrote that…

“We don’t want the demo to feel like a crappy early access game in a perpetual alpha state so we’ve been spending a few more months whittling away at the mechanics and the graphical fidelity to make sure it’s an experience worth having.”

You can be the judge of how the game is coming along so far by checking out the WIP Combat Trailer or

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