Bloody Zombies, 4-Player Co-op Beat-‘Em-Up Hits Nintendo Switch Dec 23rd

Bloody Zombies - Nintendo Switch

In the mood for a four-player cooperative beat-’em-up for the Nintendo Switch? Well, you’re in luck because nDreams announced that Bloody Zombies is currently available right now for Nintendo’s little hybrid game machine.

The game sees players in the role of survivors amid the breakdown of society where the proletariat are left to rot in the streets of London, England while the bourgeois retreat to their high towers and fancy private planes to get away. On the upside, nobody gets away but the people who can punch the living crap out of the undead.

As mentioned by David Corless, VP of publishing at nDreams, it was all about getting the family together time for the holidays with a hard-hitting, home-for-the-holidays beat-’em-up that supports both local and online multiplayer co-op, stating in the press release…

“We’re delighted that Bloody Zombies is joining the host of wholesome family-friendly titles, like Skyrim, Doom and LA Noire, hitting the Switch this holiday season.” “What could make Christmas more festive than helping your Granny take down a seven-foot zombie with a samurai sword, all whilst playing together on your new Switch console?”

It’s true. What’s a better way to spend Christmas than ripping the rotting guts out of the undead MP wandering the streets after they got bit by an angry constituent for surreptitiously signing that Tory bill that will ruin the internet for Brits in spring of 2018?

Well, there is no better way to spend Christmas!

And thanks to the launch trailer, you can see just how jolly things can get when you join up with three other players and pummel the peeling flesh out of the putrid walkers crowding the ruined streets of London.

Paw Print Games’ hardcore brawler features lots of blood and guts spilling all over the sidewalks, cars, alleyways, and floors, all while players don classic zombie-killing weapons, such as grenades, pipes, bats and even chainsaws.

What’s most impressive is that the four-player mode allows you to use two sets of Joy-Cons to play local co-op, or you can mix-and-match with other types of controller devices. You can even do four-player co-op play while the Switch is in portable mode, which is pretty cool.

You can look to get your hands on this hardcore brawler for Nintendo’s little console that could come December 23rd, 2017. The game will be available on the Nintendo eShop for $14.99.

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