Catherine: Full Body Edition Coming To PS4, PS Vita With Anime Movie, New Endings
Catherine Full Body Edition

Various reports have surfaced that Atlus is reviving Catherine, the PS3 and 360 outing, for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in the form of Catherine: Full Body.

Siliconera is reporting that the upcoming re-release of the game will feature all of the sexy events from the original game, but with added content in the form of a brand new character, all new endings to unlock, a new episode to play through, and an anime movie to boot.

Studio Zero is heading up development of the game, and will reportedly include new difficulty settings along with an online battle mode, because multiplayer connectivity is all the rage these days in single-player games.

There will also be a third Catherine in the game in the form of Rin, a pianist at the bar that the early 30s Vincent visits occasionally.

Persona Central has a far more in-depth report on the upcoming game, noting that Catherine: Full Body will be featured on the cover of Famitsu, featuring new art from Shigenori Soejima.

A live-stream will drop on December 22nd and will feature Katsuhiko Hayashi from Weekly Famitsu, Taira Shinichi from DenFamiNicoGamer, and members from Studio Zero. You’ll be able to check out the live-stream by visiting the official Catherine: Full Body website.

The original game shipped more than 1 million copies, and was a surreal look into the nuances of relationships, dating, and infidelity. The game didn’t mind going the quirky route with some very fantasy-oriented alternatives and routes depending on the choices you made throughout the game as Vincent.

Some SJWs are already complaining online about the game.

Expect more whining and dining as the game nears release, which has become typical of certain sects of gamers who have become perpetually disdainful at all things gaming.

Catherine: Full Body is still currently in development and there has been no release window set… yet.

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