CD Projekt Red Believes Cyberpunk 2077 Will Cost And Make More Than The Witcher 3

During the heat of the loot-box and microtransaction fiasco came an overlooked piece of information in regard to CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077. The game billed as a triple-A title, Cyberpunk 2077, is said by CEO Adam Kiciński that it will not only cost more than The Witcher 3 to make, but it will make even more money in return.

Remember the interview that went down between Puls Biznesu and CD Projekt Red CEO Adam Kiciński? I’m sure the very thing that still comes to mind is Strefa Inwestorów interview with Kiciński, which stirred up the loot-box and microtransaction talk, almost having a vituperative outcome from the community.

The interview that Puls Biznesu posted up — eight days after the whole loot-box fiasco — holds some thing that some Cyberpunk fans might find of interest and something that many people might have missed. According to publication site GamingBolt we learn from its translation pertaining to Puls Biznesu interview with Kiciński, that Cyberpunk 2077 will not only cost more to make than The Witcher 3, but it’s expected to bring in more revenue than the 2015 RPG.

The following information from said publication site reads:

“Adam Kiciński of CD Projekt RED discussed the upcoming game, noting that the budget for the title is expected to be more than the budget for The Witcher 3. The Witcher 3, he notes, cost well over $85 million in the end (PLN 300 million), although he also emphasizes that only $25 million (PLN 90 million) were direct production costs, with other costs showing up as indirect expenses; CyberPunk is expected to be more expensive.”

Mixing personal opinion at the end of the next paragraph comes more translated text of the Polish interview that Kiciński partook in last month, which confirms CD Projekt Red’s faith in their upcoming Cyberpunk RPG:

However, CD Projekt RED also believes that this will pay off, because according to Kiciński, it has a higher sales potential than The Witcher 3 did. The Witcher 3 ended up selling over 6 million copies worldwide, so it is clear that CDPR’s aspirations for the new game are fairly high- and as long as it maintains the kind of quality The Witcher 3 did, I see no reason for it to not meet them.

It’ll be interesting to see what the year 2018 and 2019 has in store for gamers and Cyberpunk fans given that the latter date is expected to be the year in which Cyberpunk 2077 launches.

As it stands now, Cyberpunk 2077 is costing the Polish company quite a bit of money. However this is said to be offset by strong demand via company projection (as noted by Kiciński) when pre-orders and physical/digital copies go live.