State Rep Chris Lee Says That A Difference Is Happening Fighting Loot-Boxes
(Last Updated On: December 20, 2017)

In recent news, Democratic member of the Hawaii House of Representatives, Chris Lee, has published a new video about the recent progress that is said to have been made against predatory loot-boxes being in video games among other government officials.

There’s an interest among a lot of people watching others open stuff and daring the devil whether good loot, bad loot or nothing will appear on-screen. This even applies to real life insofar that opening kinder eggs is popular — go type in “kinder egg opening” and you’ll see several videos with millions of views.

The epidemic is not slowing down and it will not slow down, which some companies like Sony and EA have disclosed that they do not need to rely on selling actual hardware units anymore so long as the people who have one of their products are using “service models” to compensate.

According to Sony via, the company is looking into different market routes so that they can worry less about hardware priority and more about maintaining a healthy amount of monthly active users, since Sony believes a shift has taken the games industry by storm. The company sees the industry has skewed from a royalty-based convention to making direct sales to consumers through live services.

As for EA, or Electronic Arts, the company has acknowledged the aforesaid by stating on multiple occasions how the industry has “changed” and that games as service type are more compelling. We can read this over on GameSpot interview with EA’s CFO, which the site reported:

“During the call, Jorgensen spoke generally about EA’s approach to the games-as-a-service model. He said Battlefield 4 was a missed opportunity in this regard. It is consistently in the top 10 most played games for EA, Jorgensen mentioned, adding that the game could have made even more money if it had a “live service” component.”

Now that we know the value of microtransactions and loot-boxes to publishers and developers, some game devs have taken the “games as service” model so far that many government officials have taken notice due to the ongoing controversy and want to do something about the ever-growing situation.

One person or party that seems to be adamant about fixing this very issue seems to be Chris Lee, Democratic member of the Hawaii House of Representatives. Lee even went as far as to make a YouTube series of videos showing the progress and time it takes to try to fight predatory loot-boxes in games.

Inasmuch, Lee has published a new video claiming that the disgruntlement among gamers and the letters written up has helped him and his team so that a change is starting to take place regarding loot-boxes and how government official view them:

There’s no telling how far this act by Lee and crew will go and if this movement will see a screeching halt, but if you want to help this initiative you can read over and send this to any of your elected officials.

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