Chris Matthews’ Sexual Harassment Accuser Was Paid By NBC To Stay Silent
Chris Matthews

According to multiple reports surfacing, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, host of Hardball With Chris Matthews, was allegedly involved in a sexual harassment case and NBC paid to keep his accuser silent.

Daily Caller is reporting that multiple sources confirmed to them that the network paid a $40,000 settlement to a former assistant producer on the show Hardball With Chris Matthews back in 1999, to cover up sexual harassment accusations levied at the talk show host.

The Daily Caller is reporting that MSNBC had reprimanded Matthews about his behavior and that despite them being inappropriate toward the producer, they were juvenile and not to be considered as sexual misconduct in the workplace.

According to Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC and NBC have all declined to comment on whether additional accusations of sexual misconduct were filed against Matthews over the years.

For now it appears NBC is trying to protect Matthews from further liability in the court of public opinion by attempting to plead the fifth.

Conservative media outlets have been basking in the tarnish of Matthews’ alleged misconduct, and how NBC could lose another talk show pundit – who has been a vocal critic of Trump and a staunch supporter of the Liberal agenda – amid other hosts such as Matt Lauer being axed from his job as well.

So far, many of the people being outed and fired since the #MeToo hashtag went viral have been male feminists, feminist allies, and outspoken Liberals who had previously championed for women’s rights.

Video game journalists were prime targets before the #MeToo campaign went into full swing, with various anti-#GamerGate journalists being outed as sexual abusers, harassers, and actual rapists.

The hunt to out journalists and politically-minded pundits for their sexual deviancy continues to steamroll ahead, and it’s just a matter of time before the swamp is finally drained of these supposed male feminists who have been preaching down to everyone else while groping and grabbing at their cohorts behind the scenes.


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