Civilization VI Devs Criticized By Actual Koreans For Pushing SJW Feminist Agenda

Civilization VI Korea

What happens when you attempt to appease feminists and Social Justice Warriors by adding in a leader from a foreign nation you have little knowledge about but want to make sure gender representation is at the top of your priorities? Well, you end up in Firaxis’ situation where they choose to have Korea represented in the Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion pack by a female leader that actual Koreans absolutely despise for having ruined their nation.

While the media has been adamant that only 15-year-old white teenagers living in their mother’s basement are the only ones who use the term “Social Justice Warrior” and that they’re the only ones angered over SJWism and third-wave feminist agenda pushing in popular media, it appears South Koreans don’t care for SJW propaganda either… and they certainly aren’t white teenage boys living in their mother’s basement. I’m curious how the media will spin this story?

Squawker picked up the news from a video that was actually released back on December 4th, 2017 on the official Sid Meier’s Civilization YouTube channel.

The video didn’t spread around much because when actual Koreans saw the video and began protesting by leaving negative comments, criticizing the developers and downvoting the video, the developers quickly unlisted the video from the general searches and playlists.

The comments are just as harsh.

The virtue signaling for Western Social Justice Warriors backfired badly, especially given that these are Western developers attempting to appease Social Justice Warriors in the West (mainly San Francisco, California).

What the developers didn’t bank on was that gratifying the checklists for SJWs in the West at the expense of offending real people in South Korea never crossed their mind.

Interestingly enough, Firaxis’ wanting to look good in the presence of Western SJWs caused quite the ire from Koreans, who claimed that their attempt to depict their people in the way that they have seemed to be racist.

A lot of the Koreans feel as if Firaxis purposefully made the queen ugly to appease feminists. Squawker did a comparison image of how queen Seon Deok typically looks in South Korean media compared to how Firaxis made her look.

Brele Kai made it known that South Koreans didn’t need the West’s “rubbish social justice”.

American and European gamers took an opportunity to laugh at Firaxis for getting called out for being racist by actual Koreans.

The reality is that Social Justice Warriors don’t actually care about other races. A lot of times their actions are about creating racial division, just like what happened with Civilization VI and the inclusion of someone that would cause South Koreans to become angered towards the West for their insensitivity.

Given that SJWs have a tendency of ignoring the voices of actual minorities, expect them to keep chugging full speed ahead, offending as many people as possible in the process in order to maintain the SJW agenda. Only this time they can’t blame the push-back on white, American males.

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