Cuphead Remixed Album From String Player Gamer Now Available
Cuphead Pluckhead

A rearranged remix album based on the Cuphead soundtrack from String Player Game has recently become available across several different music distribution outlets. It features 11 unique arrangements based on the original Cuphead OST.

Many of you who played Studio MDHR’s new-school classic will agree that Cuphead has one of the best soundtracks in gaming history. The old-school, 1930s-inspired ragtime swing gave the game its much needed upbeat vibe to match the fast-paced gameplay and hard-as-nails bosses.

However, why would someone want to rearrange what many consider to be perfection? Well, String Player Gamer mentioned in the press release…

“Kris Maddigan’s Cuphead soundtrack is brilliantly written for brass and horns,” “It captures the sound of 1930s animation and is as authentic as it can get. But what if it was written for strings instead of brass, for a symphony orchestra rather than big band? This is the question that I attempt to answer in this 11-track album using a varied combination of string instrument configurations from chill jazz guitar, chamber strings, rock jazz, latin jazz, and full on string orchestra.”

If you’re curious how the the string-centric rearrangements based on the Cuphead sound, you can check out the Bandcamp embed below, which features some of the tracks.

If you need a complete list of the songs available on the album, you can check them out below.

01. Don’t Deal with the Devil (Violin)
02. Don’t Deal with the Devil (Guitar)
03. Tutorial
04. Die House
05. Floral Fury
06. Legendary Ghost
07. Botanic Panic
08. Inkwell Isle Three
09. Clip Joint Calamity
10. Inkwell Hell
Inkwell Isle Two

While game journalists have been using every opportunity possible to attack Cuphead for being racist, too hard, ableist, and everything else that journalists use to make excuses for being inadequate at their jobs, real gamers have been enjoying themselves playing the budget-priced side-scroller that features some platforming levels and tons of uniquely designed and creatively challenging bosses to overcome.

It’s easily one of the best made games in recent times and features some remarkable artwork and equally well crafted music to match. If it doesn’t win a GOTY in the animation or music department a true crime against the very integrity of art will have been committed.

As for the soundtrack from String Player Gamer… you can grab it right now for $10 from either: Bandcamp
or the iTunes App Store.


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