Days Gone Is Currently Playable From Start To Finish Internally

Days Gone, not too long ago, made an appearance at PSX 2017. Sony Bend and SIE cooked up a special show floor that sported live Freakers and a demo at the booth, which later at the event was followed by info that Days Gone is internally playable from start to finish.

For folks who’ve been out of the loop as to what Days Gone is, the game is about a biker (and bounty-hunter for hire) trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with these things called Freakers. Wildlife like bears can be infected by this mysterious epidemic, which turns you into, well… a zombie.

Looking away from the story of Days Gone, which is an open world title with ride-able vehicles (like motorcycles), at the most recent PSX 2017 event Bend Studio had a special show floor for the game.

At this show floor housed a gameplay demo booth, live Freakers roaming around, and Deacon’s bike. You can check out the now ended event show floor and what it had to offer thanks to Sony Reconsidered:

Moreover, at this same event came SIE president Shuhei Yoshida who, according to YouTuber Dexkster, said that Days Gone will release sometime in 2018, and is internally playable from start to finish.

You can watch the newly posted video regarding Days Gone release date and internal play test info:

I should warn that just because the game is said to release sometime in 2018 and that it is internally playable as of this moment from start to finish doesn’t necessarily mean that the game is without its problems.

In addition to the above, the game still may need some polishing or assets to be touched up, as well as key events or dialogue to be fleshed out. There’s no telling what Bend Studio is doing at this moment regarding Days Gone development, but you can keep up on the game by visiting @bendstudio or


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