DayZ Currently Planned To Hit Xbox One In 2018, PS4 Later

DayZ has a lot of gamers mad and pleased all at the same time. Folks split on the game happen to be on PC playing it through its Early Access phase, however that is soon to change and PS4 and Xbox One gamers will be able to play Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ sometime in 2018 or later.

If you don’t know DayZ has been in Early Access for a long time, which hasn’t gone over too well with folks in that both its Steam recent and overall reviews equate to “Mixed“.

While Bohemia Interactive attempts to fix its game for PC, the team has confirmed on Twitter that console gamers will be able to dodge the zombie infection later down the road, too.

In addition to the above, if you are tired of zombies or you enjoy dispatching them, we learn that the Xbox One version will come first and might be followed by a PS4 version.

You can read the response that user “tt” received from a DayZ developer over on Twitter, when inquiring about the PS4 and Xbox One and the confusion looming around DayZ’s console port:

Moreover, the Xbox Preview program is much like Steam Early Access in that it discloses to gamers that anyone who decides to take part in it may have to deal with a broken game while it’s in the preview phase. The point behind it is so that tests and proper feedback can be sent to the development team and the launch version will be properly polished.

There is no additional information by the DayZ team as to when gamers can expect the PS4 version to drop, but it was noted that it might not debut in 2018 and could be pushed to a later time.

As of right now, DayZ is only available for PC via Steam Early Access. The Xbox One version will debut sometime next year, while the PS4 version is heavily under consideration and has no release date.


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