Death Stranding TGA Trailer Reveals More About The Enemies, Technology
Death Stranding

The baby in the tube makes a second appearance in the latest trailer for Death Stranding. We also get to see more of Norman Reedus, a little bit of the team he’s working with, and the enemies that he will be encountering along the way.

The trailer talks about the Big Bang, how the universe was created, and eventually how the next big bang – brought on by the alien creatures – will end the universe. The only thing standing in the way of the tall, telekinetic monsters is the indomitable will of human beings.

The near 10 minute video gives you a look at the game’s cinematics. You can check it out below, courtesy of MKIceandFire.

The trailer starts in the black, muddy environment we keep seeing. Norman Reedus was thrown from a research truck where bugs crawl around, one of their teammates was crushed by the truck, and another teammate is holding a capsule with a baby inside.

One of the conditions of their mission is that the invisible telekinetic aliens can move around and detect human breathing. The trio are told to stop breathing to avoid attracting the attention of the aliens(?).

The teammate crushed under the jeep begins getting older as the black goo lay underneath him. All three attempt to hold their breath while the radar on the one teammate’s shoulder begins spinning and whirring. The tracker follows the invisible creature making footsteps in the gooey mud.

Eventually the crushed man can no longer refrain from screaming and is taken by the black goo for his efforts.

Some other person wrapped up in a body bag also gets sucked up by the goo.

Eventually we see a giant telekinetic alien walking into the screen.

So there’s a couple of crazy things that happen.

Death Stranding - Norman Reedus

There’s a dude who floats down on top of the tipped over 4×4 research vehicle. He’s like a straight Metal Gear Solid character. He warns the other two about the tall alien creature that begins sucking everything up in the goo as well as sucking things up in the air.

A flashback sequence happens with Reedus in the water, and then a baby appears in his mouth, and then he walks to the edge of the crater after picking up the baby in the capsule, and looks out at some of the floating alien creatures.

Despite not even understanding what was going on in the trailer, during The Game Awards, Reedus explained…

“We are back. Together! And nothing is going to stop us this time” […] “I’ll do anything for [Hideo Kojima]. This guys is a genius.”

He also said that he would have to go on YouTube to watch some stuff to figure out what was going on. I might have to do the same.

At least this time Konami won’t be in the way to ruin Kojima, Del Toro, and Reedus’ mojo.


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