Den Of Thieves’ Second Trailer Looks Like A Legit Action Movie
Den of Thieves
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2018)

Man oh man, us poor fans of action flicks have been relegated to the backwoods of cinema over the years. We have to settle for poorly made Steven Seagal films masquerading as Russian propaganda, DTV flicks from Michael Jai White, Jean-Claude Van Damme films where he doesn’t really fight, or a bunch of C-grade Scott Adkins movies where the choreography is nice but everything else is poorer than a game journalist’s monthly pay check.

Now, thankfully, there seems to be a small resurgence of decently made action films looking to lure in those of us who haven’t switched over to a soy diet. I’m talking about real-men movies with guys who look like badasses handling their hardware like badasses, and from the looks of Den of Thieves‘ second trailer, it looks like a legit action movie.

Gerard Butler stars as a cop on the edge who is closer to criminal than savior. He’s the hard-edged solution to villains without boundaries. The trailer below is pieced together perfectly. I have no qualms, no complaints, no issues. Check it out for yourself, courtesy of Kinocheck International.

So first thing is first, the trailer doesn’t completely spoil the entire film. It definitely gives away some of the action beats and plot points, but there’s still a big mystery over how this team will pull off this massive heist.

Another thing… Butler seems to be channeling the kind of heroic on-screen action hero that we used to get in the late 1970s and 1980s before cinema got self-conscious. He’s more Bronson than Statham, telling his squad in the trailer that the baddies are armored up and to only go for the headshots. Badass.

Den of Thieves - LMG

The commenters seem to recognize that this film has potential, too. The shots they use in the second trailer showcases a much and more competent display of cinematography compared to the first trailer, and the shots are wider, and the scope is bigger. It makes it look less like a cheap budget flick and more like a serious, action-oriented passion project.

I can dig it.

Obviously, I’m still a little reserved about the quality of the action sequences given that we see a few scenes where bullets fly and seemingly only sparks bounce off the cars instead of us seeing squibbing. But then we also get a quick clip of someone getting shot in the face while a car gets lit up, complete with bullet holes and glass breaking, so I can’t complain.

The film is set to hit theaters internationally on February 2nd, 2018.

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