Destiny 2 Players Chagrined Over Glimmer Cap
Destiny 2

After discovering that there was an XP grinding cap, and that certain high-level events were walled off behind the new Curse of Osiris expansion, and that the selection of EverVerse items were increased while standard items from vendors were decreased, gamers have now discovered a carry-over cap from Destiny 1 in the form of glimmer caps.

Game Revolution picked up the news from a highly upvoted post over on the Reddit forums, where user NoctisNoctua explained that he was losing a lot of glimmer due to a hidden cap, writing…

“There are tons of enemies to kill when the fallen and cabal “move against each other” so it was rather easy. Once you gain a certain amount of glimmer (400ish?), the currency stops coming until you refrain from killing anything for a while. If you take a break for a moment, the next glimmer cap is even smaller (mine stopped at 200 after a 20 second rest).”

He explains that after hitting a cap, the glimmer drop-rate slowed to a crawl, and then he was limited from farming anymore glimmer until he went and did something else and then later found more glimmer dropping.

He doesn’t do a scientific breakdown of the numbers, nor a percentage rate of the glimmer drops per set intervals, but the observation for Destiny 2 led a lot of other people in the sadomasochistic community to chime in and offer their two cents as well, many of whom corroborated that they, too, have been experiencing limited drops of glimmer during their runs after reaching a certain cap.

The thread quickly explains that this cap was present in the original Destiny and that it’s a carry-over cap.

A lot of shared sentiments hovered around how it sucked to lose out on so much glimmer while attempting to farm.

This sort of grind punishment has become endemic to the Destiny 2 experience. While Bungie was quick to respond to the other charges of service impropriety carried out against the community, this particular instance has arrived shortly after Christmas and just before the New Year’s celebrations, so don’t expect any response until January 1st or January 2nd, 2018.


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