Detroit: Become Human PSX Crowd Interaction Makes The Live Demo Entertaining
Detroit Become Human

The PSX 2017 gameplay demonstration for Detroit: Become Human was on display at the event, with Quantic Dream demonstrating the choices in the game and how you can save or leave the fish, examine objects around the environment, and the sort of control you have over the situation.

The 18 minute demonstration is actually a lot more entertaining than I thought it would be, even more-so than the E3 demonstration because the crowd was VERY active in how the game was played at PSX.

Instead of just making choices, Quantic Dream took the input of the audience as a crowdsourced decision making process. You can check it out below, courtesy of MKIceandFire.

We learn that R2 on the DualShock allows you to enter the mind-palace of the current character you’re playing so you can see what your current objective is. It freezes time so you don’t have to worry about timed-events continuing to progress while you get your bearings.

One of the special abilities of Connor is the ability to analyze and reconstruct scenarios. This can be done by analyzing evidence in a scenario.

You can use the surroundings to better understand the situation and use it as a way to gain information when it comes time to make decisions later.

Detroit Become Human - Deviant

The more information you have the more ways a scenario can play out. As you gather info you can use R2 to see what else you can examine or learn.

As Connor moves in to confront Daniel, things get surprisingly intense. A lot of it becomes entertaining thanks to the audience chiming in with quick, split-second decision making.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Detroit: Become Human will be a good game, but it does mean that a lot of people were excited about it during the PSX demo.

The game is currently being criticized by some for being propaganda for Black Lives Matter due to the black android leading a rebellion, and also has come under fire for promoting child abuse by politicians and activists.

David Cage and the rest of Quantum Dream have a long, uphill battle ahead of them, and there’s no guarantees a game like this will sell well.


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