DICE Sweden And DICE LA’s Battlefield Games Rumored To Be Different

New bits and pieces of alleged information has surfaced once again from the Almightydaq surrounding that of Battlefield 2018. Not only will he be host to a Q&A about the upcoming title soon, he claims that DICE (Sweden) and DICE LA are working on two different games.

Notice: The information regarding Battlefield 2018 is not backed by solid information, even if the Almightydaq’s track record is looked upon as being solid. The following information should be taken with a grain of salt.

If you don’t know, EA, DICE (Sweden), and DICE LA have showcased “BF2018” to YouTubers who follow and post stuff about their games regularly. In other words, a handful of people know what the game will be before it releases. However there is news that there are two different games in development, one of which DICE Sweden is over and another that DICE LA is over.

We learn over on the Almightydaq’s Reddit overview page or first BF2018 leak post that…

“My previous post is regarding Dice LA’s game which is BFBC3. Dice Sweden’s game however is not. My source has asked me to quell the hype for BFBC3 as it may be the case that BFBC3 comes after Dice Sweden’s game. I will be talking about Dice Sweden’s game in a coming video + post.



In simple terms, DICE game could be something different, while DICE LA game, according to the rumor, will be Battlefield Bad Company 3. The former’s game will supposedly launch first, with the latter following suit.

If you have questions about this very situation/rumor, don’t fear in that the Almightydaq will have an active Q&A to happen very soon:

“Hey Guys! I will be posting a Q&A Video answering questions posed in the YT comment Section. It should be out this Friday! Ask away as a reply to THIS comment to guarantee I’ll answer it! Cheers”

As expected, he was flooded with a bunch of questions. One of such questions comes from a certain Reddit user MrQoute500, who noted that…

“I hope your information is enough to shut westie and levelcapgaming their mouth. Please make the community happy!”

His reply to the above can be seen below:

“Once I leak the Dice Sweden game neither Westie nor Levelcap will deny it as it will corroborate with what their sources have told them.”

This was followed by another Reddit user by the name of Stayfrosty44, who inquired the following:

“When should we check back for the new video??”

The Almightydaq replied:

“Before Friday. Hoping to have it ready to upload by tomorrow night.”

Being honest here, I’m not sure what DICE Sweden’s game is, but I do have a strong clue as to what DICE LA title will be. However if you want to know the rumor behind BFBC3, the below video by Almightydaq has you covered.


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