Diesel Guns Alpha Updated With New Car, Redesigned Maps, Garage, Customization
Diesel Guns
(Last Updated On: December 27, 2017)

Developer Intenzibne recently updated the combat car game, Diesel Guns. The December 26th, 2017 update went live with a short post over on the Steam community thread, where Intenzibne revealed that a brand new muscle car has been added to the game, along with an updated garage, redesigned maps, and all new customization for the muscle car.

The game originally hopped onto the scene back in the early fall of 2016 last year. The game entered into Early Access on Steam with a limited number of vehicles, weapons and maps. Over the past year the team have added in QOL features like player statistics, trophies, and achievements, along with additional weapon variations, player progress, improved sound effects, and new HUD and mouse control effects.

By July they implemented more optimization features, such as being able to play in the windowed mode, accruing in-game currency for customization, and earning badges for performing certain actions in-game.

You can see what the latest gameplay looks like for Diesel Guns with the video below courtesy of Denis Flack.

Okay, that remote rocket is legitimately one of the most badass combat car weapons I’ve ever seen. Huge props to Intenzibne for adding that in there.

Of course, the game is still in Early Access, and as you can see it still needs a ton of polish and tweaking, but the core gameplay looks pretty good. If they can get some solid damage models in there and improve the collisions to look more dynamic instead of the reaction being an orbital case of bumper cars, I think this could be a nice contender for games like Gas Guzzlers: Extreme.

The game sports online multiplayer and the full game will sport three game modes, including classic deathmatch, co-op defense, and a 3-vs-1 hunting mode. There will be be a total of six vehicle classes plus additional retro skins for each vehicle, along with nine different weapons and two different fire modes. There are also stage hazards, counter-ordinance, and vehicle customization.

The full game is expected to be finished and published on August 6th, 2018. You can learn more about Diesel Guns by visiting the Steam store page where it’s currently discounted by 50% off for only $2.49.

(Thanks for the news tip Durka)

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