Dragon Ball FighterZ Video Details How To Avoid Being A Scrub When Playing Tien
Dragon Ball FighterZ - Tien
(Last Updated On: December 27, 2017)

Bandai Namco appears to be releasing new trailers, videos and promotional material for Dragon Ball FighterZ at a rapid pace. New content seems to be popping up almost every other day. The latest outing is a video overview for one of the lower tier characters, Tien.

The three minute video gives you an overview of how well Tien operates in Arc System Works’ upcoming fighting game. The video features a detailed breakdown from e-sports commentator Hellpockets, covering all of Tien’s most powerful moves, and how to utilize those moves so you can avoid playing like a scrub if you decide to have Tien on your team. You can check it out below.

Hellpockets goes through the basic neutrals at Tien’s disposal, which are designed to allow him to corner his opponents and pop them up for a potential air juggle, or a lead-in for his special. In fact, we see where Tien can combo his neutral into an air juggle and then fire off an explosive super on his opponent.

We also see Tien being able to call in Chiaotzu to hold opponents in stasis ever-so-briefly. You can use the stasis from any position on the screen. While the move is fundamentally more useful when used while you’re close to your opponent, it can also be a great way to disrupt foes attempting to power-up or reposition themselves for zoning purposes.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Tien Powering Up

Tien’s super special can do massive amounts of damage, and it’s explained that it can be used either as way to instantly eat away at a new tag-in’s HP, or finish off an opponent who seems to have great defenses.

Tien is classified as a melee character, so you’ll have to get close to do any real damage, and he has very limited aerial and zoning abilities, so the Chiaotzu move will likely come in handy for closing the distance or setting up combos.

A lot of gamers are super excited for the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ, which is due to drop on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC starting January 26th, 2018. It’s a shame it’s not on the Nintendo Switch because it would have been a blast to play with motion controls, but I guess we’ll just have to take what we can get.

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