Dreams On PS4: How To Make A Level In Under 6 Minutes
Dreams Level Creation
(Last Updated On: December 14, 2017)

Media Molecule’s Dreams has been receiving a lot of praise from Sony loyalists, likely because it’s one of the only creative games coming to the PS4 this generation after a rather lackluster line-up of software that has rolled out over the last four years. Recently a video popped up featuring how you can create your very own level in just under 10 minutes… in fact, they do it in just under six.

The video features a level designer from Media Molecule showcasing how to use the built-in tools to quickly and efficiently make a level. He heads into the DreamShaping mode, and then clicks on “Game”, which allows you to make single or multiplayer game content. You can check it out in the video below.

From there he goes into “Browse & Remix”.

Once the level loads he opens up the menu and goes into the search menu. From there you can search up different themes and motifs. He goes into the “PSX Jam Collection” and he clicks on the “Childhood Collection” from the sub-menu.

From here, the menus open up into a graphical collage of different categories, where each of the asset types are separated. You have the game assets, the art, the characters, and icons.

Much like Project Spark, you can create your own objects, save them and share them with the community, or you can browse through community objects to find exactly what you’re looking for.

He manages to copy, clone and build a level using platforms, rocks and water.

You can modify and resize objects to your liking, all using nothing more than the Dualshock.

Things begin to get interesting when the logic and obstacles come into play. Much like Klick ‘n Play you’re able to tie events together or string object operations to in-game entities, very much like the SnapMap mode in the 2016 outing of DOOM.

As pictured above, objects and animations that have logic can be connected or modified by clicking on the white tool icon next to the object.

After adding ability to hit the object to open the tunnel entrance, he then creates a gap.

Now he’s a neat feature in Dreams: you can easily animate objects by using a record feature that records anything you do. In this case he pulls the platform back and forth while it records, so the end result is that it moves across the gap and forces players to time their jumps.

Not bad.

The level wraps up when he creates a door and attaches a function to warp to the next level. Just like that you have a level made within six minutes. It’s like they took note of everything that didn’t work in Project Spark and then found ways to simplify and standardize the mechanics so that anyone can make anything using intuitive, context-sensitive menus and easy-to-use tools.

We’ve seen these sort of projects pop up in the past, and only LittleBigPlanet – Media Molecule’s previous franchise – has managed to carve out a long lasting legacy in the emergent game-creation space when it comes to console gaming. I suppose to another extent there’s Super Mario Maker, but Dreams is a lot more detailed and gives you far more options than the side-scrolling creation toolset that was offered on the Wii U and 3DS game.

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