Scorn Had To Be Rebuilt From The Ground Up, According To Ebb Software Kickstarter Update

The latest postings from Ebb Software happens to update gamers on what they plan to do with Scorn and where they want to take the game in the future. Scorn’s first part “Dasein” will release sometime in 2018 for PC.

Scorn is one of the few projects from the Greenlight era of Steam that is still in development as we speak. However the devs, Ebb Software, have stayed consistent and true to their promises made in the past, which means that the November 15th promise of bringing something soon has come in the form of “Project Update 1“.

The same Nikola Rakic who posted previous informative updates regarding Scorn, has updated the game’s Kickstarter page. The first paragraph covers that the team at Ebb Software are still working hard on Scorn and that it’s far from dead.

The following information about Scorn’s development lies below:

“Rethinking our designs and making detailed plans for the entire game took us quite some time, and it will be an ongoing effort to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together. Considerable amount of time was spent to analyze all the feedback we got from the players who got their hands on the demo.


We stripped some of the levels down entirely, in order to add additional layers of polish to the entire environment. We also took some time to rethink puzzles, improve animations, overall gameplay and immersion.”

Following the pattern of other early projects comes the act of Ebb Software rebuilding the game from the ground up. Yes, there seems to be a lot of feedback asking the devs to go back and fix some things from the start, which could result in a better game but also required the team to strip away and rebuild each level, implement better puzzles and attempt to make a more impactful and well-paced gameplay experience. The paragraph reads:

“There’s a long road ahead of us, and everything will be done in iterations, rebuilding the game from ground up. Although it doesn’t sound like much, it’s pretty important to do things in certain order so we could do as much as possible with the resources that we have.”

The last part of the update covers that of spoilers, which means that we should see less spoilers pertaining to Scorn when new info surfaces:

“We’re still trying to keep all our communication channels spoiler-free, so don’t expect loads of spoiler material. It was hard enough to make the demo spoiler-free, so we would rather show less than risk to spoil the game for players. Also, we will try to answer any messages sent our way, but delays are expected as we’re focusing on the game.”

Rakic, however, did close the post with these two screenshots:

When Scorn does release in 2018, the first part will be for PC via Steam and will be DRM free over on GOG. If both the first and second part do well, console ports could be a possibility according to the devs.

You can learn more about Scorn’s “Project Update 1” over on its Kickstarter update page.


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