Escape From Tarkov Open Beta Test Begins In 2018, New Shoreline Map Released

Escape From Tarkov

Battlestate Games announced that they have a 25% discount on Escape From Tarkov heading into the new year. The discount is being made available for the upcoming open beta test they have scheduled for the early half of 2018, where stress loading the servers is the next step in development for the Russian-made first-person shooter.

The news comes courtesy of a post over on the official Escape From Tarkov website, where they explain that those who purchase the game during the discount will receive access to special gear, while those who already previously pre-ordered access to the game’s alpha test from before August, 2016, will receive promo codes for the standard edition of the game, along with two seven-day access keys fro the beta tests.

Additionally, the post mentions that new updates will arrive before the new year. Now we only have a few days left before 2018 gets here, but they state that new weapons, items and an all new Shoreline map will be added to the current development build of the game. All of this is ahead of the release of the upcoming beta test client and during the time of which the game will be discounted by 25% off.

The launch of the open beta test will include further graphics and network infrastructure optimizations, along with redesigning some core aspects of the game, and will also see the further expansion and advancement of certain game mechanics. You can also check out a look at the new Shoreline map courtesy of YouTuber TheDevilDogGamer.

Escape From Tarkov came onto the scene way back in November of 2015, where Battlestate Games announced the title as a replacement for S.T.A.L.K.E.R., which seemed to have fallen by the wayside due to mismanagement and rights issues. Over the last couple of years they’ve been slowly upgrading the game, implementing new gameplay features and holding closed tests.

It appears with the upcoming open beta test, the game could be nearing final release. I do wonder if they will add additional modes like a Battle Royale mode? Because honestly, I could see this game becoming explosively popular with a mode like that.

You can keep track of development or keep an eye out for that open beta test by visiting the official Escape From Tarkov website.