Eternal Hour: Golden Hour Uncensored 18+ Patch Available For Download
Eternal Hour Golden Hour - Uncensored Patch

Steam may be cracking down on developers and publishers with nudie games, sexy-time VNs, and adventure titles with buck-naked 3D thespians, but that hasn’t stopped the modding community from reverting some of the censored titles back into their natural state of being uncensored. The latest software patient to undergo the surgery of an uncensored, 18+ patch is Sekai Project and Seventh Heart Studios’ Eternal Hour: Golden Hour.

The watchful watchers of wantonness over at Steam Uncensored picked up the news from a post on the NSFW site Lewd Gamer, where they have instructions on how to download, install and apply the patch for the Steam version of Eternal Hour: Golden Hour.

1 – First and foremost you’ll have to grab the uncensored patch by heading on over to the Google Drive download page.

2 – You’ll need to go to the game folder where Eternal Hour is installed.

3 – Copy the H-Patch.rpa file into the “game” subfolder.

4 – Launch the game to install the patch. An icon should appear in the upper left corner if you did it correctly.

That’s all there is to it.

If you want to remove the H-patch from the game you simply delete the file and then go back into Steam and verify the game contents to re-download the original, censored version of the content.

The uncensored patch is only 16MB, so if you’re worried about bandwidth or size, you don’t need to fret over any of the details.

Eternal Hour: Golden Hour is available right now as a free-to-play title over on the Steam store.

The visual novel came out at the end of November, and it features full English voice acting, animated CG scenes, and more than three hours worth of gameplay, and the typical lesbian-themed romance one should come to expect from a visual novel… but now with a bit of extra spice thanks to the uncensored, 18+ patch.


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