EVO Japan 2018 Media Registration And Ticket Sales Detailed

EVO Japan 2018

Details on when and how to purchase tickets to attend EVO Japan 2018 has been revealed, along with media registration for press outlets seeking to attend the event set to take place in Tokyo, Japan.

According to the EVO Japan’s Twitter account, tickets will be available for overseas spectators starting January 5th, 2018, starting at 9:00am Pacific Standard Time, or January 6th at 2:00am Japan Standard Time. You’ll only be able to acquire tickets to attend EVO Japan via Paypal, so make sure that you didn’t blow your entire load on the Steam Winter Sale if you intend of picking up a pair of tickets to attend EVO Japan.

According to the feed, if you plan on attending as a group or bring along some friends, you can purchase up to four tickets at a time.

If you’re still looking to register to participate in the tournament, you’re fresh out of luck because it ended today.

If, however, you’re part of the media and you want to get in on the action by snapping photos and taking video, you can do so by registering over on the Media Registration site. You’ll only have up until January 15th to finalize your media credentials and get your team in order if you plan on visiting the EVO Japan tournament, live and in person.

This is the first time that EVO has ventured outside of North America in an official capacity, so it’s uncharted territory. The e-sports league has had to make some changes, cleaning up its image, removing the thuggery, tone-policing the lingo, and even censoring some of the hot thighs and butts of the 3D characters because Disney doesn’t want little girls and boys (or straight men) to see thickness on ESPN.

Anyway, you can look for EVO Japan to get underway starting at the end of January in 2018.