Extinction Reminds Players That It Doesn’t Include Microtransactions Or Loot Boxes

A new trailer for the upcoming game Extinction was rolled out recently from Maximum Games and Iron Galaxy Games. One of the first things that the trailer gets out of the way is that it does not include microtransactions. It’s a sad time we live in where companies now have to actively advertise that they don’t have microtransactions, mostly because they’ve become so prominent in AAA games these days, usually with shills using the excuse that without microtransactions publishers like EA and Activision wouldn’t make enough money to cover development costs.

Anyway, the trailer itself is all about the skill-sets and strategy that you can employ in the game. The trailer clocks in at just under four minutes. You can check out the trailer below.

Now this game has some really neat features. So for one, they mention that when fighting the titans, not every weapon you have will be effective against them at all times. Specifically, we learn that gold armor is impervious to some of the attacks you may unleash against them, but you can use the grappling hook to easily latch onto the armor and get up on top of the ogre titan, known as Ravenii.

In another case we learn that some of these ogres wear iron armor that is resistant to rune magic. So in order to dish out damage to some of their limbs you’ll have to unlock the padlocks by striking them. Disabling the padlocks will help in removing the armor and then allowing you to sever the limb of the ogre.

The video also details how you can upgrade your abilities to utilize time manipulation, gravity, and jumping skills in order to dish out damage to ogres wearing armor that is indestructible or resistant to your wiles.

Extinction seems like a pretty cool game so far. The physics-based destruction and being able to cut down the ogres in size (literally) helps make it stand out from all the other typical medieval-fantasy games currently on the market.

Extinction is due for release in the early half of 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. For more info you can visit the official website.


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