Fade To Silence, Eldritch Survival Game Enters Early Access
Fade to Silence

THQ Nordic and Black Forest Games’ Fade To Silence has officially entered into Early Access on Steam, being made available for $29.99. The game is discounted during the first week of being on sale being 10% off the normal price so you can pick it up for $26.99.

The story-driven survival game puts you in the role of Ash, as he attempts to navigate the harsh, winter apocalypse that faces all of those who wish to survive in a dying world.

Like most other survival games out there, players will navigate Ash through the freezing cold temperatures and harsh environmental conditions while attempting to find food, shelter, and various forms of warmth. Along the way players will have to attempt to recruit other NPCs wandering around the forever-winter landscape, attempting to build a small coalition of survivors.

However, things aren’t so simple.

Ash will encounter some frightening Eldritch abominations along the way, forcing him to either adapt or die.

The game sports real-time weather, day and night cycles, the ability to build bases, hunt animals, chop down trees, and and avoid getting overwhelmed by tentacle monsters.

The game currently has a mixed rating on Steam at the moment, because typically it’s an Early Access game that’s still in development and many people are complaining about a lack of optimization.

Nevertheless, there’s also a lot of praise for the game’s environments and visual effects for the weather, as well as the accompanying narration that details your actions as you progress through the game.

The full version of the game will obviously contain better optimized gameplay, a larger game world to explore, more followers to recruit, and the rest of the game’s story elements.

Black Forest Games expects Fade To Silence to stay in Early Access for the next eight months. For more info feel free to visit the Steam store page.


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