Fans Are Concerned That EA Will Censor Nazis In The Rumored Battlefield WW2 Game
(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)

It lets you know what state we’re in when fans of a game/series stress their concern about a rumored game well before it’s even announced or released. With a leaker’s new video out (and he has a precise track record), there are now fans of the Battlefield series worried that the rumored Battlefield WW2 game will censor all Nazi imagery and things related to the subject.

Before jumping into the situation that seems to  have various fans of the Battlefield series perturbed,  you can watch the video that sparked the discussion. The video by AlmightyDaq stands to be a “Battlefield Leak Q&A” video about Battlefield WW2, Battlefield Bad Company 3, features, their competitive scene, and release dates.

Of course, many fans were asking strings of questions in hopes that their query would be picked up by AlmightyDaq, but often times many wanted to know more about the WW2 title.

Many fans were met with disappointment with answers by AlmightyDaq responding that BFWW2 will be very casual and will try to appeal to a broader audience, straying away from the hardcore and dedicated player scene that older Battlefield games handled quite well.

With fans knowing that AlmightyDaq is almost always 100% right when it comes to his rumors and predictions, this sparked the thought of Activision and Sledgehammer Games censoring all Nazi imagery and adding things to make Call of Duty: WW2 “inclusive”, and how it could affect Battlefield WW2.

One such user by the name of 420 Knight wanted to know how EA and DICE will handle Nazi symbols and images in the rumored and upcoming game, which his comment seems to be a thing many were thinking about too:

I bet some people are reading this and thinking that the notion wondering in the back of the commenter’s head is just isolated to that one video. Well, no, there’s a recent thread on the BF Reddit page named:

Please, please, DICE, for the love of God don’t let female black nazis slip into the game.

The post has many views clashing about whether it is okay for different races and genders to be displayed in a WW2 game.

Although we don’t know exactly what the next Battlefield game will be as of this moment, we do know that the next game to launch in the BF series of games will drop in 2018 and will be by DICE Sweden.

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