Fantasy FilmEngine Lets You Easily Design CG Films, Animations, Pictures
Fantasy FilmEngine
(Last Updated On: December 26, 2017)

Chinese development studio, Heart of India Painting Studio, is set to release Fantasy FilmEngine soon. The upcoming “lightweight” 3D design and creation tool suite offers creative minds, artists, developers, designers and illustrators a lot of options and opportunities to create scenes, imagery, concepts, or animation manipulation.

Whether you’re a professional or just an enthusiast, you can use the software for a variety of artistic or editing purposes. You can render 3D scenarios, characters, animations, or make edits or post-production alterations using special effects, and lab-quality color grading for those of you who need to saturate or desaturate a scene.

Fantasy FilmEngine also comes with a built-in animation suite, so you can also animate and manipualte your own characters using real-time tools within the design environment. You don’t have to create the animations elsewhere and then import them into your workflow.

A brief demonstration of how the software works was released via quick video that you can check out below.

In the scene we can see that users are capable of setting up the camera, changing different aspects of the hues within the scene, as well as altering the lighting setup.

I imagine this would be a perfect toolkit for developers working on point-and-click adventture games that rely on static visual backdrops or have 3D rendered scenes. It would probably also work well for those attempting to make dynamic visual novels.

The tool is pretty small, you’ll only need about 1GB to install it, and it works with a graphics card as low as an Intel HD chip compatible with DirectX 9. So if you have a potato for a rig you can still use it to create various types of assets, animations or scene manipulation. If, however, you do have a powerful enough rig, you can render some pretty high quality scenes.

Fantasy FilmEngine - 3D Porch Render

Fantasy FilmEngine is due out soon. Even though the screens and the video demonstrations are all in Chinese, the utility will support English and Japanese.

You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.

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